The Most Popular Wine Bars of Dubai

You might think that wine bars are not exactly to be attractive to visit in a Muslim country, yet when you are in Dubai, surely you will be surprised. Dubai has many anticipated wine bars, due to the high needs, as Dubai wants to be a tourist paradise and a tourist paradise must include places, which offer alcohol. However, wine bars mean a lot more than a place where you can drink alcohol.

Wine equals European culture with an equally long history and a great knowledge regarding its growing and all the types of grapes out of which wine can be created. The best wine regions of Europe include France, Italy, Spain, Portugal not to mention Greece and Hungary. Due to thousands of Italian expats going to North and South America, the wine culture the wine producing has a key importance in the United States, specifically in Santa Barbara, California, Argentina and Brazil.

However, wine is not a product of Dubai, as the tropical climate makes it impossible to grow and to take care of grapes. Nevertheless, thanks to all the hordes of wine loving tourists, Dubai has seen the chance in wine and in having diverse wine bars for the ones who love wine. So, let us see where to find the best wine bars while getting around Dubai:

The Agency – Wine Bar
Agency being a business of the Jumeirah Hotel chain, you can be sure that The Agency has the finest selection of wines from all over the world. If you feel like tasting some wines, then you can choose out of 70 different wines, which gives a great choice for you to taste the best wines in the world at one great place in Dubai. The Agency bar can be found on the ground floor of the Emirates Towers. It is one of the highest visited wine bars of Dubai.

Vintage Wine Bar
This place is one of the best and great Mediterranean-style wine bars, which offer the finest selection of wines and pasting cheese. You can only imagine how many great flavours you can enjoy in this bar. Vintage Wine Bar has also fondue sessions with promotions and free tasting on Monday and Friday. If you love cheese and the great fondue, then this bar is the best for you. This bar is located in the beautiful shopping complex, the Wafi Mall.

Cin-Cin Wine Bar
Looking at the name of this bar, you will ultimately know that this is about Italian wines. Italy is making the finest wines all over the world and it is due to Italy that the wine culture of South America has started to develop. Of course, there are not only Italian wines over here; you can taste all the best wines of all regions and continents. This great place is located at the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road and it is one of the hippest wine bars in Dubai.

The Cellar
Karama districts popular Aviation club has a highly visited part: The Cellar wine club. This club is a great fun place and a suitable opportunity to make some friends while you are in Dubai. The Aviation club is famous for its Saturday Brunch programmes. Do not miss the chance and visit it.

After this short list of Dubai wine bars, which could even grow double as it is now, you can see that there are so many possibilities in Dubai, for the lovers of wine. Of course, there is no ranging the best thing to do is to visit all these bars, one every day! Who knows might be that you will find your new best friends in Dubai hiding in one of Dubai’s quality wine bars.

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