Tips For Living in Dubai

Now-a-days, several foreigners are relocating to Dubai for different reasons. In order to live in Dubai, you have to acquire a visa. Most of the people are coming here under the sponsorship of their employers. Only a sponsored employee can obtain a family visa and a resident visa to live in Dubai. Normally, people will find a job in Dubai initially, and then the employer will sponsor them to reach Dubai and to complete other formalities. The employer will issue a job visa valid for one month so that you can enter Dubai. Then the sponsor will forward your application for the job permit and residency permit.

A decent living in Dubai depends on the lifestyle, purchasing power and cost of living of the person. The cost of living in Dubai is high because of the huge demand for the flats, villas and other such residential properties. This demand is due to the continuous inflow of foreign employees in Dubai. To rent a living space, you have to spend great amount of money. Dubai attracts expats because of the tax free salaries. Dubai is among the world’s safest places which makes living in Dubai comfortable. The crime rate is very low and Dubai has a small number of unemployed people which come only around 1.7% of the total population.

Another major attraction of living in Dubai is the low cost of purchasing a property in comparison with other countries. The properties in Dubai have great value and more luxurious. Purchasing a Dubai property is considered now as a great investment. Dubai entertains the residents with its safe nightlife, innumerable number of leisure activities, skyscrapers, beaches and innovative ideas. The landscape of Dubai ranging from Burj Al Arab Hotel to Palm Island will amaze every visitor and resident of Dubai. Living in Dubai will give you an enormous shopping experience including its biggest shopping mall in the world.

Dubai has varied and vibrant atmosphere because of the diversity of nationalities present in the city. These people are coming to Dubai to enjoy the high standard of living in Dubai along with great career opportunities. Dubai offers excellent facilities in medical care. Both public and private hospitals are providing good medical facilities to the visitors, immigrants and UAE citizens. If you have a health card which is valid, then you can visit any of the hospitals in Dubai. Dubai hospitals have well advanced medical system and several excellent pharmacies are there in the city.

Several public and private schools are running in Dubai which can provide good education to your children. Public schools use Arabic as the medium of instruction and English the second language in public schools. The medium of instruction in private schools is English. State, American, French and British syllabuses are followed. While living in Dubai you should follow certain etiquettes. You should never hurt the religious sentiments while living in Dubai. Women should wear conservative dressing during business meetings. Avoid eating in public places and playing music in loud volume during the Ramadan month.

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