Top Nightlife Spots of Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its nightlife. Although the consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly limited, there are some places you can have wines, beers or spirits by any chance. The best Dubai night clubs are all part of hotels, which means that they can serve alcohol and that this way they can scan the number and quality of entrants on a higher level.

Visiting the best Dubai night clubs is surely a great experience but keep in mind that the any bars, discos, or the best night clubs are all quite needy when it comes to appearance. If you are not dressed as you should be, then you must turn back and change. That is why it is quite practical to visit the nightclub or disco of your hotel.

The prices are mid-high, mostly depending on the club. Most entry fees cost between 20-30 DHs. The thing is that you must also take care of having people accompany you. The reason is still unknown, but the staffs of the best Dubai night clubs are less likely to let in loners. Therefore, it means if you are alone, no matter man or woman you are, you have a high chance not to go inside. Overall, you must force yourself to make a couple of friends to go out with, in case you are travelling alone.

Aviation Bar
It is a great international place with different music every day. If you are fond of flight attendants and pilots, it is your place to be. The music is great and the place is fun to be.

Double Decker
A real English style pub, normally kept for the British but of course, anyone can get in. There are many great beers sold over here and the staffs are friendly. Since the Double Decker had been renovated, it has a great garden terrace as well. The place is mostly full and the music is fun.

Buddha Bar
This is a real oriental place, with many segments, for dining, party or relaxes. It is soon to be ready spa, which will be located right next to the bar giving a great advantage to the place. The Buddha Bar plays great ambient and electronic music and you can have a rest in any of its lounges or verandas.

A Moroccan disco on three levels, playing music ranging from hip-hop, R ‘n B or techno, international music mixed with Arabic vibes. The Kasbar is one of the best Dubai nightclubs and it is a pleasure to be. The Kasbar also serves authentic food. It is without doubt one of the most frequented nightclubs of Dubai.

This is one of the most popular discos of the Jumeirah district and of Dubai. The Trilogy is part of the Madinat Jumeirah, which has several other nightclubs in its area.

These are only some of the very best Dubai nightclubs we enlisted hereby. Of course, the rest is up to your personal taste. Besides the above-enlisted best Dubai clubs, there are many different ethnic discos, such as Russian, Indian or Iranian as well. The Lebanese places are also fun to be, especially if you are a Lebanese yourself too.

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