Trendy Collection by Coach in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai is an experience never to miss, as you have here hundreds of possibilities to buy just everything that you might need, from practical to luxury goods meet here in Dubai. Shopping facilities of Dubai include the streets, more than twenty different shopping malls in just every area of Dubai. In addition, let us not forget about all the colorful souks and the Chinese Dragonmart, which can also be found in Dubai. Buying good quality clothing was especially uneasy over here. Quality clothing, which is the essence of being wealthy and elegant, is necessary for every woman.

One of the most famous shopping hubs of Dubai is the Dubai Mall, lying in the downtown area of the metropolis with the promise to display thousands of shops all in one place. Dubai Mall is the world’s ever-largest shopping mall, so we can expect to see the best goods from countries of the world, specifically from the world centers of fashion, namely Rome, Milan, Paris and New York. A special brand store, about which we would like to say a few words this time, is the Coach Brand store.

First, the logo of Coach is not too surprisingly an old-time logo of a coach bringing its passengers in its backside. The clothing line of Coach is also developing, right now, its beautiful leather collections are fitting into many types of clothing. Coach was established at Manhattan in the United States back in the forties’. It started up as a leather-making factory selling all sorts of leather ware. The flourishing of the company started from 1985 and from the 200 Coach published, its very first Signature Collection, as to make the company where it stands today. As of today, Coach Handbags have become a symbol of great taste and wealthy financial state.

Coach stores can be found all over the world, but most of its revenue is still created in the United States, which is no wonder, considering the name, quality and value of the French and Italian brands, being over Coach in popularity. However, still Coach has great success all over the world, especially in Japan and in the Middle East. Coach operates around 25 shops in the United States and around half the value in Japan.

The very first Coach in Dubai opened together with the Dubai Mall and caused much success. Ever since, the Dubai shopping force has an important place in the company business. Today, Coach has one label store in Dubai, which is in the huge Dubai Mall. The largest income of the company is still created by the selling of their leather goods, mostly handbags, belts and footwear, not to mention the collection-line items, which sold for a better price as a collection consisting of a handbag together with a fitting belt, purse by any chance and footwear too.

Coach is also known for making its handbags at an affordable price, but not giving up on the quality. The Coach store in Dubai contains men’s briefcases, handbags, footwear for women and Coach’s own jewelry as well.

The store of Coach within the Dubai Mall is highly visited by the wealthier people of Dubai; its handbags are close to being virtually unbeatable. Therefore, during your walk in the Dubai Mall, you should really see the label collections of this great and still affordable brand. If you buy a Coach handbag, for sure it will stay stylish for you ever after. Coach within the large shopping mall is open from 10.00 hours to 19.00 hours.

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