Coach Handbags in Dubai

Coach is a New York based leather product manufacturing brand which was founded in New York in the year of 1941 on the name of Gail Manufacturing Company. The company had decent success on the market. It’s flourishing today can be thanked for its two key persons: the designer Bonnie Cashin who could give a great personality of all Coach handbags and Lewis Frankfort thanks to whom the Coach Inc. has turned from a casual US company into a worldwide known brand. Today Coach has 25 of its own label stores around the United States and it has its showrooms and strong business relations in Italy, France, Japan, Hong Kong, China and South Korea. It’s first Dubai showroom has opened in the Dubai Mall and due to its large success this store was soon followed by many others. Coach can also thank its great success to the US Macy’s which is the biggest chain of department stores in the United States owning also Bloomindales. Therefore in the Macy’s and Bloomingdales, Coach collections are sold with good success.

Coach has the business strategy to produce affordable yet quality handbags with its attractive brand label. The directorate of Coach has realised that there is a huge gap in the prices and the quality of handbags, as there are the dead-expensive brands which cost a price of a cheaper car and the others which are sold very cheaply but also with cheap quality standards. Therefore Coach has come to the conclusion to start with their collections which look great, have good brand strength paired up with great quality as well. Coach handbags look great, in type they look rather conservatively elegant in a vintage-like British way, yet they have collections that are fresher for the younger generations. Coach also offers handbags in every size. Apart from Coach handbags Coach also deals with watches, jewellery and other sorts of accessories, just like shoes and belts, their wallets are also very popular and they have an apparel department in their stores too. Coach has a very distinctive logo which includes the silhouette of a one-horse coach, which was the typical way of transportation back in the 1800’s. The one-horse coach is often used in the new campaigns of Coach as well.

Coach, apart from its main idea to produce and sell affordable quality has also realised that it can only get the attention it craves if it comes out with its luxury leather collections which are the most attractive for the ladies of the upper society and which are the most capable to bring the international reputation of theirs as well. Ever since Coach has an always refreshed segment that includes their limited collection handbags, all of them being highly exclusive, great looking pieces of Coach. Currently you can see luxurious collections of Coach handbags featuring the Madison, the Chelsea and the Kristin collections. Depending on their size and quality, these limited edition handbags are between USD 200 and USD 1000. This, considering the prices of their competitors is still a lower price category for extreme quality pieces.

In Dubai, you can find the boutiques of Coach in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Dubai Marina Mall. Coach is also sold in Dubai in the Bloomingdales located also in the Dubai Mall and in the Harvey Nichols which is also located within the Mall of the Emirates. Coach bags are also sold in the Dubai International Airport. Coach, as we see is widely available and pretty popular all over Dubai.

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