Using Debit Cards in Dubai

First of all, be careful as debit cards are called differently everywhere though these all mean the same. When you hear about bank cards, ATM cards, prepaid cards even check cards these all mean debit cards. Debit cards are easy to get in Dubai as they automatically come with your bank account. Debit cards in Dubai can be of Cirrus/Maestro, MasterCard or Visa card. At least these are which you can use anywhere else too.

Previously there have been several misunderstandings when it came to the differences of a debit and a credit card. These differences used to be much bigger than nowadays though there still are some. At first sight, debit and credit cards are easy to confuse yet the main difference between the two is, the credit cards have their numeric data embossed on the front while debit cards do not have these. The other difference is that credit cards have a CSC (Card Security Code) number that debit cards usually do not have although the newly released cards contain this 3-digit code. Before, internet shopping was the privilege of credit card holders, yet this situation has changed ever since with the debit cards that has their CSC codes. In Dubai, there are places, like shops or service providers that only accept debit card, while others only accept debit cards. Generally, this tactic is also used by banks also in Dubai, to encourage people to get credit cards next to their debit cards. Internet shops do not like debit cards because they have direct contact with the bank. When the sum is to be submitted, the bank can with reasons either refuse or even reverse the payment, which this way will be automatically returned to the bank without the need of any further action from the internet shop.

A debit card is always linked to a bank account in Dubai. When you open a bank account in any of the Dubai banks, you will receive a debit card as well. When you use your debit card in the ATMs, the ATM makes a direct contact with your bank which will reduce the questioned sum from the bank account after entering the PIN number. There are new chip debit cards with a new reading system which doesn’t need you to spend long time with payments or ATM transactions. So, from the debit card you can instantly get the sum, straight from your bank account. There are some Dubai banks which also offer payback to the clients subject to paying with debit cards. Debit cards can be used for paying in the stores. Most stores do not deduct fee but you must check with your bank how many free withdrawals do you have from the ATM machine of the bank. Please note that it costs a lot if you choose to withdraw money from an ATM that does not belong to your bank.

Check the minimum limits for debit cards and the maximum daily limit too. In some Dubai banks both these limits are previously set and you can’t change them easily while other banks offer the chance of changing the maximum daily limit. It’s very important for you to note that in Dubai, ATMs work quickly and you must act quickly if you want to withdraw your money, or the machine will take it back in. In Dubai cash automats display the main things either in English or Arabic.

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