Versace’s Newest Gold Jewelry Range

Versace is among the most famous Italian fashion brands in the world. In Dubai, you can find several Versace Boutique, with the biggest label store located in the Dubai Mall of course. The gold jewellery range of the Italian brand is more and more successful and its many collections of gold jewellery capture the imagination with its several never-seen designs within the world of jewellery.

Ever since the death of founder Gianni Versace, his sister Donatella takes the Versace business with the highest success. The Versace fashion house is blooming everywhere in the world with hundreds of stores all around. Today Versace deals with Fashion and Haute Couture, Perfumes and cosmetics, Interior design and home items and with timepieces and quality gold jewellery. The latest invention of Versace is the production of the Versace labelled mobile phones, which were very precious jewellery phones made in cooperation with LG. Versace was the first Italian fashion house which took part in the designing of the possibly most famous Italian sport car the Lamborghini in its Murcielago model with the designing of both its exteriors and interiors.

Since the founding of the Versace Couture in the Eighties there has been a plan to create the Versace Timepieces line the first of which was finally launched in 1994 in cooperation with Frank Muller. This was the Atelier collection which also features several quality diamond and gold jewellery ever since. The timepieces of Versace have ever since been taken over by Timex Group and they are manufactured by them, with the agreement of the fashion house of course who this way can get real quality Swiss watches in their collection. The gold jewellery and timepieces line of Versace is called Versace Precious Items. The Versace Precious Items stores offer quality diamond and gold jewellery, timepieces and writing instruments. Italians do love big and beautiful gold jewellery, in which they are similar to the taste of Arabic and Indian. No wonder, the Versace Precious Items has a large success in Dubai and all over the Middle East.

If we look at the several gold jewellery collections of Versace some models will really catch us with their unique design. Versace gold jewellery designers like both yellow and white gold in their jewelleries and of course, they love to include diamonds just everywhere, to make all items very precious. The current collections of Versace include Atelier, Meandros, Eon, Elegance, Ghea, Iconic and G Profile. Versace does not feature specific collection for men’s jewellery. The wildest and most capturing gold jewellery designs you can get to see in their GHEA and ELEGANCE collections featuring beautiful coloured gemstones, lots of diamonds and mixed colour gold. The Dubai retailer of Versace watches and gold jewellery is the Dubai based Paris Group and the Watch Gallery stores which are featuring the timepieces of the Italian brand. Versace jewellery can also be found in some of the Versace boutiques, which you can find in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates and in the BurJuman Shopping centre.

When you are in Dubai, you will see the best ever collections of quality gold jewelry and of course the finest jewellery made out of several other metals as well. Versace is currently among the few fashion brands, which could earn a good success with their gold jewellery and timepieces models. When in Dubai, look at the finest selection of Versace Precious Items.

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