Where To Buy Nightwear in Dubai?

Nightwear is a very important thing and in Dubai, you will surely find the best suitable nightwear for yourself. However, before engaging in where to find the best nightwear, let us talk about what local people commonly like to wear at night in Dubai. Then, let yourself tempted by the thousands of shops where you have the chance to buy a nice nightwear in Dubai.

In Dubai, like in every Muslim country, the nightwear is more traditional than that of Europe. It can also be due to the simplicity of the Muslim religion and of life and traditions in the Muslim countries. Local Muslim women like to wear nightgown with negligee and men wear pyjamas or when its hot, simply underwear. There is a high variety of both of these types of wear. In Dubai, you will find the highest variety of nightwear, so take a chance and try that nightwear the locals dress in. You will be able to find hundreds of types of pyjamas and nightdresses in Dubai. For women, the nightdress is good because it is long. They normally wear similar dresses under the abaya during the day. The double material is needed because only this way can the abaya or kaftan hide the body entirely.

Let’s see a couple of stores where you can find the best variety of nightwear:

Carrefour is a great French chain of hypermarkets, which means a place where you can get nearly anything, also clothes and all sorts of nightwear. It is a great choice when you by any chance get in trouble or do not have nightwear with you, so you can get one or some in a Carrefour, for an economical price. Carrefour is used to the Arabic demand and it sells fair quality nightwear, underwear and all sorts of simple clothes. There is a big Carrefour in the Deira City Centre shopping mall.

Marks and Spencer is very famous for the quality of its underwear and nightwear. Here, you will find a great variety of all sorts of nightgowns and pyjamas, which will be good to wear for many years. Marks and Spencer is not a cheap store in the world, but surely, it sells great quality. You can find Marks and Spencer in most big shopping centres, such as the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates or the BurJuman Shopping Centre

Bloomingdale’s: This American store chain sells all sorts of fashion garments, underwear and nightwear for a mid-category price. You can find it in the Dubai Mall; do not forget to check it out.

Woolworths: This great store chain is also more than fine for shopping some of the best quality nightwear.

Of course, these were only some examples for buying nightwear. You can also get to see many great nightgowns and pyjamas in the souks, marketplaces, or shopping malls of Dubai. If you go to visit the Dragonmart in the Chinatown of Dubai, you can get the cheapest items over there. However, do not forget to check out the Arabic stores as well, for getting some Arabic style nightwear, also for souvenir.

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