Where to Buy Perfumes for Valentine’s Day?

When visiting Dubai, like all of the Arab World, you will quickly be overpowered by scents from burners and perfumes and you will be amazed at how they surround you. Scents are a very important part of the culture and they are used for many aspects of Arabic living. Of course, like many people, you are curious about all of these different scents of perfume. Here is a short guide to you help out when you are shopping in Dubai for Valentine’s Day.

Basically, there two distinct kinds of perfume which can be found in Dubai. These are the oud and then there is the bukhoor. Oud is a type of wood that provides a particular scent and when in it is in available pure form, it is used for both men and women. Pure Oud is burned and then provided to give clothing a more natural scent from its smoke. Like westerners, Arabs do not want to stain clothing by using oils. But it is particularly important to the Arab cultures because of the white clothing they wear due to the ongoing heat. Oud comes in tiny pieces of wood and originally came from India. Bukhoor is a blend of scents that looks like small pieces of coal. You will smell both of these perfumes in the homes and when shopping in malls.

If you want to attempt to create your own scent in your personal space, you need a particular burner to burn either oud or bukhoor. This burner is called a medhan. You will also need coal and tongs to carry the hot coal. In older times, a fire or lighter would be needed to light the oud or bukhoor. But today, electricity is generally used. Scent purists however do not believe that the smell of the perfume is enhanced to its greatest form when using electricity and so prefer the traditional methods of the burner and coal. You can watch the making of these scents in many markets and even ask for helpful hints on burning your specially chosen scent in your private home.

When shopping for perfumes in Dubai, you could purchase what is called Al Misk. This is somewhat similar to body lotions. Though it is a cream, you add water to spray upon your body for a natural scent to carry with you. Besides scents you will find at the local market, there are designed perfumes, and there are many, many designer perfumes available to choose from. These designer perfumes are high quality and sophisticated and add elegance to your personal toilette regime in the morning while getting ready for the day’s events or for the evening when seeing the nightlife. These designer scents, however, are not necessarily expensive. You can find many wonderful scents at very reasonable prices. Of course, there are some high dollar designer scents available, so it is really up to personal preference and what you are willing to spend on your special scent.

For those that prefer more traditional scents, Dubai will provide reasonably priced traditional aftershaves and perfumes. Tester bottles are sold at cut-rate prices over those at retail value. Like anywhere, be careful when purchasing from some markets because many times you are not getting top quality. But it only takes a short time of shopping for perfumes to discover this and find what is right for you. If you are not sure about what to purchase, there are many happy shoppers around you who are willing to help you. You can also ask to spray or otherwise smell the scents to see what pleases you. After doing this, step back and then walk back into the scent to make sure that it is exactly what you want.

In Dubai, scents surround you. Whether someone walks past you or you walk past a shop, you are enveloped by the culture of Dubai. While taking in the sights and sounds of Arabia, you will also be taking in the scents of this great region. Be sure to shop around to find the exact scent that pleases you and that you will want forever. Taking home Arabic perfume will add culture to your life. Impress your friends and be a great reminder of your visit to Dubai.

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