Where To Find The Best Apartments in Dubai

Apartment business is flourishing in Dubai more and more in the recent years. Thanks to the international tourism power of the city and the emirate, the tourism professionals have quickly realised that Dubai apartments bring much more income than hotel rooms. In order to mix up the two, dozens of apartotels were raised which include many benefits of hotels with the apartment system and this way families coming to Dubai on holidays are preferring to stay in Dubai apartments and apartotels instead of hotels.

Dubai apartments have several advantages over hotel rooms. Hotel rooms cannot accommodate bigger families and if a family would like to stay in a hotel, they often have difficulties finding appropriate hotels for families and the most important is, that the lack of a normal fridge and some basic cooking possibilities make the stay in a hotel a lot more expensive. Therefore, apartotels are extremely famous for many. The highest number of apartments for short-term rent and apartotels you can find in the popular district of Al Barsha, which is located right behind the highly trendy beachside Jumeirah district. Al Barsha apartotels are generally good quality and they do not cost too much money either. These Dubai apartments and apartotels are nicely equipped with kitchen; they often have their own swimming pool and a restaurant just in case the renters want to eat out. One good example of apartotels here is the Coral Boutique Hotel Apartments, the Star Metro Al Barsha Apartments, Corp Executive Apartments and the Avari Hotel Apartments.

Dubai apartments are different from suites and penthouses but they are also often offered as villas, which are of course different in size from the normal villas. Several hotels have renovations in order to change some of their rooms into apartments, this way enabling hotel guests to stay there. This is a great idea also, because most of the Muslim travellers come in big families and they find Dubai apartments much more suitable for them. There are such hotels where apartments are situated just like the rooms, and at other places, apartments are located in diverse buildings, as in the case of the Coral Boutique Villas, also in Al Barsha and in the Jumeirah Hotel Mina A’Salam located within the Madinat Jumeirah complex.

In the Deira district, you can also find lots of apartments and apartotels because of the high number of hotels in the area. There are several apartotels especially nearby the Deira City Centre. The cheapest areas in the area are the Al Rigga and Al Muraqqabat districts, right next to each other, but be careful, the general state of apartments here is pretty low quality for the lower price.

Dubai apartments are also available for longer rent in every area of the metropolis. Among these areas, we can suggest you the beachside districts, the Jumeirah district in case you have the budget or in the buildings of the skyscraper district Dubai Marina, which is famous for its hundreds of available Dubai apartments.

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