Why are Cross Necklaces so Popular?

Cross necklace is not only a very fashionable and popular piece of jewellery to wear in the West, it also has a thick religious meaning which although is starting to fade over the years, as there are many people who tend to wear cross necklaces for the trend and not for representing their religious beliefs. In Dubai, there is also the chance of buying cross necklaces or cross pendants; only you need to know where. In our article, we try to give you some useful information on where to search for them.

Cross has long been the symbol of catholic religion, therefore in Dubai, where the majority of the total population is either Muslim or Hindi, it is not that much likely to get cross necklaces at the shops of local brands, although of course it is not impossible. Generally Dubai based jewelleries do not really trade cross necklaces, so we need to check them out elsewhere.

The best place to check cross necklaces out in Dubai are the shopping malls where the number of international jewelleries is much higher than elsewhere in the city. Cross is widely worn especially in the Southern parts of Europe, namely Spain and Italy. You also have the chance to get beautiful cross pendants at French jewelleries, and in the jewellery sections of famous designers such as Versace, Armani or Gucci. The biggest names that deal with a wide variety of cross necklaces also include Cartier, Boucheron, Graff, Chaumet, Bvlgari whose stores you will find in Dubai Mall. In the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall, it is really worth checking out the following stores:

Eliva Gioelli, Ferini Oro, European Jewellery, Lifestyle Jewellery, Prestige Gallery, Renee Jewellery, Select Diamond, Rocx Jewellers, Sparkling Ambience, Supreme Jewels, Viva Oro

These stores are offering a wide variety of European, mainly Italian jewellery which means, you are the most likely to find cross necklaces and cross pendants in all of these.

Other important malls to check out during your quest for cross necklaces include the Bur Juman Shopping Mall, where Saks sells about 20 different jewellery brands, the Mall of the Emirates where you also find a wide variety of European (Italian) jewellers. Other jewelleries important to pay attention to include Marco Bicego,

Cross necklaces also represent an important part of men’s jewellery all around the world. One important store to mention, where a large number of all sorts of cross necklaces and cross pendants are sold in Dubai is a Hip Hop store selling the so-called “Bling” which generally means men’s jewellery which is expensive and which is flashy in the same time. The store’s name is MyFashionStyle and sells all sorts of precious Bling coming from all around the world, especially representing the US Hip Hop fashion trends. Check out online or in their store that you can find in the Gold Souk located inside the Gold Land Building in Deira.

These are some of the choices to take when you are in Dubai and you would like to buy precious cross necklaces or cross pendants both male and female styles. Of course, in the Gold Souk a large number of smaller stores also offer cross necklaces or pendants in different prize range and all sorts of diverse quality.

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