Women’secret Lingerie Dubai

Women’secret is the lingerie for those who are mentally young and want to stay young forever. Women’secret lingerie transports women back to their childhood and nostalgic school days and where they would enjoy becoming little girls once again.

Bras, panties, lingerie for pregnant ladies, lingerie for new moms, and other accessories are part of Women’secret collection. This lingerie brand based in Spain aims to create an air of girlish innocence without compromising comfort. At Women’secret you will enjoy rummaging through the designs which are made exclusively for fun loving ladies of all ages. It is basically a brand for women – created by women, and so they should know better what the best is for women.

Women’secret is one of Europe’s biggest lingerie chains with a number of brand boutiques spread throughout the continent. It is the leading Spanish brand of ladies lingerie which was established in Madrid in 1993. Today, you will find that they have more than 520 stores spread across in more than 40 countries. They are a very popular brand that manufactures a range of fashionable lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear, and casual wear catering exclusively for today’s fun-loving women.

Women’secret brings out lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, and other accessories for women and for girls from 0-6 years. They are specialists in the manufacture of women wear and their aim is make life for today’s woman simpler but happier and full of fun. You will see trendy designs that are inspired by the fact that all things around you are bright and beautiful. They come out with top class and high quality beauty products as well as attractive lingerie. Their products are targeted at modern women from the upper middle class strata of society in the age range between 20 and 40.

Women’secret which specializes in lingerie and beauty products also manufactures underwear, bed clothes, swimwear, accessories, and other garments for women. They have also moved into production of fragrances and body care products.

Women’secret tries to surprise their customers with new and unique designs and concepts. Women are told that though the basic black, white, or beige underwear is an essential part of their wardrobe, they should don colorful lingerie with new designs and patterns and go out and have fun. Women’secret makes bras made of nylon, cotton, tulle, lace, and spandex with various styles and prints – and of course with matching panties and pajamas. Perhaps, they are right – you should change your lifestyle, change your mood, relax, and have fun. Their first step they took in this direction was to emboss cartoon characters on their underwear collection. Such a theme helps you look at life in the right perspective, isn’t it?

Women’secret was established with the sole idea of developing a global brand that is capable of combining prestige, femininity, and modernity with reasonable prices. Their other objective was to become a leader in creativity, efficiency, and sensitivity in the lingerie and underwear arena, and they have succeeded tremendously. The reason for their success – their designers make sure that every style is available for each type of bra and panty. But, the key to their success is use of quality fabrics, innovation, and designs that appeal to all ladies.

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