6 of The Best Dubai Beach Resorts

As a beach resort itself, Dubai quite understandably is full of the best beach resorts of the Middle East. Here, we will enlist some of Dubai’s best beach resorts, which are indeed worth visiting and which have the best overall services in town.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
The newest gem of Jumeirah Hotel Chain, the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is currently one of the most beautiful and promising beach resorts in Dubai. The Zabeel Saray has been made to look and feel like a Turkish castle and is equipped with all the luxury that you might expect from a Dubai Hotel. The Zabeel Saray Beach resort is located on the beautiful manmade island, the Palm Jumeirah.

Atlantis, the Palm
The very first operational hotel of the Palm Jumeirah palm-shaped island wonder, the Atlantis is huge and has such views you could only dream of before. The Atlantis is one of the biggest hotels in Dubai, if not the biggest. It has countless restaurants and attractions inside, including its great theme park, the Aquaventure, which brings hundreds of visitors every day. The Atlantis hotel has its twin hotel in Nassau, the Bahamas, with the same look.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
One of the most prominent beach resorts of Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel was one of the first new hotels built on the Jumeirah Beach. This Dubai beach hotel is huge, with nearly six hundred rooms and additionally 19 private villas, several swimming pools, private beach, several bars and restaurants inside. It is a great quality hotel with beautiful rooms and services.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa
This hotel occupies a large space of and on the Jumeirah Beach with all its swimming pools and beautiful huge gardens. The whole Dubai Marine Beach Resort has a picturesque look and landscape as well it is one of the biggest beach resorts. The rooms are large and its spa is a good quality spa. The hotel has an incredible number of altogether 13 catering facilities inside. It has a private beach with chance to exercise some of the most popular water sports.

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa
One of the top quality beach resorts of Dubai, the Meridien is a great luxury hotel, with its own spa, the Caracalla. The Meridien is quite new, with impeccable services and beautiful rooms with a view. There are in fact six types of different rooms in the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort. The hotel houses some of the best restaurants of Dubai with regard to Mexican cuisine (Maya Restaurants) and the Al Khaima restaurant. The Meridien Hotel has altogether 14 different catering possibilities, restaurants and bars mixed within the hotel.

Madinat Jumeirah
This is not among the ordinary beach resorts as the whole place is a complex, including three hotels, souks or bazaars, the best spa and health club in Dubai and countless restaurants. This place in itself is like a beautiful town, with its wonderful canals. You could spend some days alone here. The Madinat Jumeirah complex is located right next to the trademark vessel shaped Burj al Arab and has its private beach on the Jumeirah Beach.

These are the most known and popular quality beach resorts of Dubai. Even if you do not, have the budget to stay in one of these, it is already an experience visiting these beautiful beach resorts. Who knows maybe the next time you return in Dubai, you will be able to stay in one of these luxury places as well.

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