Al Bustan Rotana Hotel

Al Bustan Rotana is among the best hotels located in Al Garhoud. The Al Bustan Rotana is partly a business partly an airport hotel with plenty of facilities and services to offer for its visitors. The Al Bustan Rotana is located only about 10 minutes walk from the Dubai International Airport.

Al Bustan Rotana Hotel is a beautiful modern building hiding a luxurious first class accommodation. The profile of the hotel is to be specialised in corporate guests on the first place. The Al Bustan Rotana features several great ideas in connection with its interiors, especially in its choice in colours, which give a great overall atmosphere for the hotel. Also all windows of the hotel are quite large making the place to feel even bigger than it is. The hotel is not only prepared for corporate guests but also for lady passengers, that’s why it has a great first class spa the Bodylines Spa with several sorts of treatments ranging from thermal till beauty treatments. The Al Bustan Rotana Hotel is well prepared for the international guests with multiple language staff who are kind and helpful for all requests or enquiries.

The Al Bustan Rotana has no great location but its quality serves all wishes of its guests. Being this close to the airport several transit guests come to spend one or few overnight in this hotel, which makes it quite famous for now as a good choice in an airport hotel. The Al Bustan Rotana has 275 rooms ranging from first class to economic category. The business centre and meeting rooms of Al Bustan Rotana Hotel with its huge banquet room is so big that it occupies an entire floor within the hotel. Naturally, all the meeting rooms are the best equipped with modern projectors and all the other amenities that can be useful. The hotel concierge also offers the preparation and execution of corporate meetings in the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel. The rooms are perfectly furnished and they offer everything that you can expect from such a first class hotel. The hotel has a great fitness centre consisting of a gym, a great outdoor swimming pool and a sauna as well.

From the restaurant choices, guest can choose between international cuisines’ varieties. The Al Bustan Rotana has three great restaurants offering Lebanese, Japanese and a Thai restaurant. The offers of each restaurant are high quality authentic dishes. The poolside bar of the hotel only serves drinks for the thirsty sunbathers all day long, the bar of the hotel is called Aquarius Snack Bar and apart from drinks, it offers some light snacks for the people. These restaurants light up the atmosphere of Al Bustan Rotana Hotel and they welcome several guests just for the sake of their great quality cuisines.

Al Bustan Rotana Hotel is a great hotel for those who like the city life and for those who do not care much about the close environment of the hotel. The Dubai Creek and Deira’s great souks are not far at all either and with the Dubai Metro, you can really go around the whole city in a short time. Not that Dubai let us you get away with only one day. Those who visited Dubai will surely come back again. Although the rates of Al Bustan Rotana are not low, but higher price in this case really pays off.

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