Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel

Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel represents a Muslim concept in the hotel industry of Dubai. Unfortunately, many online guides and travel agencies do not inform travellers that this hotel is a strongly Muslim hotel; therefore, many things that are normal for a Westerner are not allowed to do over here. In order to avoid these surprises, always get informed thoroughly about a hotel and do not rely on a single source of average information.

The Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel from the Westerner concept is the best for lonely male travellers. For women, there should be many problems. First, Muslims do not think well of a woman travelling alone. Western women are not used to cover their bodies and hair especially how Muslims would require; therefore, Muslim or Arabic males often consider a women who is alone as a prostitute. This is a misconception worth thinking of before starting any journey to a Muslim country. Also from the concept of pairs, Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel only let people of the opposite sex to sleep in one room if they are married. They often ask for proof of marriage as well.

In the Al Jawhara Hotel, couples cannot bathe together. There are separate swimming pools and gym for women and men, so there is no way to cross this border. Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel is a so-called Halal hotel for Muslims, so this means that it accepts mainly Muslim families arriving from other Muslim countries. For them this hotel is a great place. If you are a woman and would still like to stay in this hotel, choose dresses, which cover your body the most, and you must not leave your shoulders bare either. It is neat and with good services. There is of course no way to drink alcohol over here. Al Jawhara hotel group has two hotels in Dubai. Al Jawhara Gardens is popular for those who like to stay close to the airport or are on a stopover in Dubai.

The Al Jawhara Gardens is close to the Deira City Centre, about 5 minutes walk but just as some travellers’ advice also says; do not be fooled by the short times in the summer. In the heat and humid air, 5 minutes even will make you feel as if you were walking in the desert for a day. Choose a taxi instead to the Deira City Centre. Always check if your taxi has a proper meter, hotels like to call arranged taxis, which will charge double. In the Deira City Centre, though there is a great choice of bars and restaurants, not to mention the shops, so do not take the AED 50 breakfast of the Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel. Choose a cheaper place where you can eat for less then a quarter of this price. A mosque right next to the hotel is there making it ideal for Muslim passengers while non-Muslims might encounter some troubles, especially around 4 am when the first Adan of the day calls for prayer. Al Jawhara Gardens is not the cheapest in its category. If you would like to enjoy your time being a Westerner, choose a more liberal and cheaper hotel for your stay.

Therefore, Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel is a great hotel for Muslim passengers and most of all Muslim families. For non-Muslims, this hotel is most bearable for lonely male travellers. Although Al Jawhara Gardens Hotel seems not that attractive for Westerners, this is a great Halal hotel for every Muslims travelling to Dubai from any part of the world.

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