Al Maha Desert Resort Dubai

Are you adventurous, love to explore the desert and enjoy the sights of a conservation-based sanctuary? Well, if you are, you should visit Dubai and stay at Al Maha Desert Resort. Here, you don’t only enjoy the hospitality and comfort the resort provide but cherish its memories. Why so? It is because you will experience and witness the reserves of the legendary private wildlife sanctuary placed in the middle of the spectacular splendor of the Arabian desert.

You can have an accommodation from the choices of several suites which are all uniquely designed. These suites are built akin to Dubai’s renowned Bedouin camp, yet, are graced with local antiques and artifacts at its interior. These accommodations are personalized to provide privacy of guests and their seclusion. Thus, if you are heading for a getaway, you are in the right venue. In the same way, a Dubai family vacation spent here can also be fulfilling because of the many activities the resort offers.

Like most Dubai hotels and resorts, Al Maha offers fine dining with culinary customs of the East and West. Dining can be had in-suite, on your private deck, out in the middle of the dunes or at the restaurant. Again, it’s your choice that counts. There are also other unique offers that you, being their guest, can enjoy. They include the Timeless Spa & Fitness which is situated outdoors, below the towering palms. While being relaxed with the treatment, you can enjoy the open views of the desert and the cool mountains of Dubai far beyond. Yet, the place is equipped with modern fitness facilities like, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms, ice-cold plunged pool and the stunning infinity pool where you can surely take pleasure in a rejuvenating and relaxing range of treatments and health regimen.

The Antiques Gallery is the resort’s gift and souvenir shop where you can pick up some treasure items for a keepsake. It can be a unique reminder that you were once there with them at a particular time and date. And what more, the resort can safely ship your treasure items straight home if you would like them to be. In the same line, the Art Collection is a rare offer. The resort’s collections consist of more than 2,000 original artifacts from the different significant places of Dubai and in the whole Emirates. This made the resort’s gallery one of the largest private art collections in the UAE.

In addition, Al Maha has listed number of fun-filled activities for brave and active guests. The resort called these activities as Desert Pursuits which includes Wildlife Drives, Camel Riding, Nature Walks, Desert Safaris, Camel Trekking, Falconry, Archery and an experience in the wide desert. So, if by any chance, you are staying here in this Dubai desert resort with your entire family, of course, everyone would experience so much fun and excitement. The adventures you will experience in this desert pursuit are all breathtaking. And what’s best, safety and privacy to the maximum are ensured since the resort is for your exclusive use.

So, act now, plan a trip to Dubai and be housed in Al Maha Desert Resort. See a semblance of Bedouin camps while you experience the exquisite aura of the reinstated oasis and legendary desert wildlife.

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