Amazing Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

Being a vegetarian has many good and a couple of bad sides, when you are visiting another country. People in a couple of countries, including the Arabic countries will not really understand why you do not eat meat. Being a vegetarian and living in a Muslim country is not easy but of course, it is a challenge, so let us see what we can do, if you are by any chance a vegetarian, but would not like to miss tasting some of the finest vegetarian meals.

Talking about vegetarian cuisine, we must talk about the Indian cuisine, and this is the most suitable cuisine for everyone who prefers vegetables to meat. It is India from where the entire vegetarian movement has started, so if you go to any Indian restaurant and ask for a vegetarian menu, people will be the least surprised. So while you are looking for specifically vegetarian restaurants, do not miss to visit some of the most suggested Indian or Chinese restaurants. As for Chinese restaurant, just visit any of the best Noodle restaurants. Also, let us not forget about the famous Japanese cuisine, also a big favourite of vegetarians. If you want to find the most suitable vegetarian restaurant sin Dubai, look around for hotels that house Japanese restaurants, such as the Radisson Blue, the Grand Hyatt or the Le Meridien Hotels in Dubai.

Indian or Chinese vegetarian restaurants are quite common in Dubai, because of the high number of Indian expats living in Dubai. Here are some of the finest examples on which places to visit for a veggie:

Calicut Paragon
Located in the popular expat district, the Karama districts, Calicut may be an important spot on your search for vegetarian restaurants. They have great offer of foods made out purely of vegetables, and they are ready to please you, if you let them know which type of food you prefer.

Delhi Darbar
This is a great example of Indian and vegetarian restaurants, where the staff will do their best to please your taste.

Noodle Bowl
A great place for a veggie, offering all sorts of various noodles, most of them naturally served only with vegetables, As Chinese can also live without meat, many Chinese restaurants have wide offer considering the vegetarian taste.

Located in the Grand Hyatt, this is a great place for a veggie to be with most of its sushi served without mean anyways. Japanese kitchen is one of the hippest and healthiest choices, with their rich offer of miso and soy dishes. This is a very suggested place together with all the Japanese restaurants in Dubai, where you can have a delicious vegetarian meal.

Overall, do not let, being a vegetarian bring you down. There are so many great places with international cuisine, which are all suitable place for you to be. Start your quest for vegetarian restaurants in the Karama district; it is for sure, that you will not get out of there with an empty stomach. Dubai is world famous for it’s unique ability to please just all sorts of tastes so finding vegetarian restaurants this way, will not be as hard as you might think.

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