Le Meridien Dubai

Choosing where to go on holiday is often a real puzzle, with many people taking longer to decide where they will go than they actually spend in the city they eventually decide upon. There are so many cities in the world that it can be difficult to choose between them, especially where there is more than one person involved in the decision making process. It does not take a genius to work out that with competing viewpoints, and so many places to choose from, the scope for argument is huge. More and more people, however, are deciding that they fancy a trip to Dubai. It is not difficult to see why, either. As one of the richest cities in the world, Dubai has had the chance to turn itself into a tourist paradise. This it has done, and it is now home to an astonishing 340+ hotels.

Of course, with so many hotels in the city, there is every chance that a similar debate will spring up again over where to stay when you get to Dubai. There is a huge assortment of different kinds of hotel – perhaps you will choose a chain hotel with a company that you know and trust. Other times, you might go for one that looks amazing from the brochure and the website. There are countless factors that can contribute to a decision, and in the end the one which wins out will be the one that has the most going for it in your opinion. With such a large number from which to choose, and such a range of choice among that number, this means that different people will prize different things.

Le Meridien Dubai is one of the most popular hotels in Dubai. Located close to Deira it is a hotel that constantly gets good write-ups for its seemingly effortless level of class. While other hotels will undoubtedly be given plaudits for their architectural adventure – the Burj al Arab to name but one – Le Meridien approaches things differently, concentrating on refined, understated glamor and delivering a standard of service to the customer that they will not easily forget. in addition to this, the hotel is surrounded by Le Meridien Village – plush grounds which contain numerous restaurants and bars with themes from all over the world. Le Meridien Village is a global village, make no mistake.

A lot of little touches go into making Le Meridien such an inviting place to spend your holiday. The hotel is located some distance from the beach and some other areas of interest, so the management lays on free bus travel to those spots, including Deira City Center Mall, where you can find still other options for food and drinks, often at a lower price than those on site. Overall, the tone of Le Meridien is one of quality, and it makes for a very good choice as somewhere to spend your Dubai holiday. If you are planning your holiday any time soon, you should give this some thought.

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