Arabian Center Shopping Mall

Arabian Center Shopping Mall is one of the newest malls of Dubai, located a bit outside of the touristic circle in the downtown, but it is close enough to be easy to reach it. Arabian Center Shopping Mall is a large complex, housing several sports, relax and entertainment facilities as well, next to shopping.

Arabian Center is a relatively new shopping mall located in the heart of Dubai. The shopping mall is not the biggest or the shiniest, but when it comes to a nice shopping experience, it is definitely worth visiting. The Arabian Centre had been built by the Lals Group which is a Middle Eastern shopping and entertainment company.

When it comes to shopping malls, Dubai has quickly realised the need to create several entities that are unique in many ways. As they cannot really differ in types of shops, so they differ in outlook and in the various other attractions they can offer. The importance of a shopping centre also lies in the area where it is located. Arabian Center Shopping Mall has quite a great location, so the number of its visitors is already quite high. It is located nearby the Emirates Hills complex, an area that has various sports and residence facilities, making it a great place for all its visitors to relax and do their shopping in the Arabian Center Shopping Mall.

Arabian Center Shopping Mall is definitely not the first and the last shopping mall, which will open in the territory of Dubai. However, to open and being able to profit from each shopping mall, shows the great touristic and business potentials of Dubai on one hand, and it shows the power-factor lies in tourism on the other hand. The way, each shopping mall will still be able to offer something new to the customers, is just great!

Arabian Center Shopping Mall offers all the normal things that any other shopping mall offers. It has over two hundred stores, selling various fashions of sports items. The Mall also has great quality cinema complex inside, making it an attractive evening spot for many. It packs with restaurants and bars. Above all, this Arabian Center Shopping Mall also will soon have a sports and medical centre; it possesses a great ice rink, which is a great attraction not found at many places. The ice rink is also a skating course called “Skating First”. Thinking of the entertainment programmes for the children, there is a little entertainment centre for them called Fun City that will not let any children get bored.

To offer a bit of an extra facility to its visitors, Arabian Center Shopping Mall offers the chance to gain air miles, which, if you posses such a membership card as Star Alliance, will surely mean a lot to you. Currently for each two dirham spent, you can get one air mile. If you are keen to fly, have this card and find some good things to shop over here.

Arabian Center has an eclectic outlook which features both Arabic and Western architectural elements together, yet the results look modern and authentic in the same time. The total area of Arabian Center is 80 thousand square meters and it is a great family shopping mall with lots of supporting services that makes Arabian Center quite popular in its region.

Arabian Center had been built in a region where the need for shopping malls is quite big. It’s very close to the Dubai International Airport and its located on its northern part which is not as much visited as the Southern mainly because of the lack of attractions and stores in its area. Now Arabian Center is one of the malls that can change this situation. The mall is also very close to the Mushrif Park, which is a very popular destination for relaxing and has a nice playground area too.

Arabian Center is located in a very family friendly area, which can also be testified with the fact that there are three schools right next to the shopping mall. The closest Metro station to take you nearby the Arabian Center is the Rashidiya Metro Station. From the station the shopping mall is about 10 minutes walking only. Arabian Centre houses 200 stores inside.

Besides the large number of stores, the Arabian Centre also houses a Lulu Hypermarket, a Cinema City; its Children program called Sandy’s Adventures is a new form of sand building for children. This is a great program that you should not miss trying if you are in Dubai with family.

As for the stores, the Arabian Center houses all sorts of family friendly stores, from ladies and men’s apparel to baby and children apparel stores, pharmacy, optician stores, accessory and gift stores, furniture stores, electronics and IT related stores and we could go on.

The most popular brands of men’s and women’s apparel include Mango, H&M, Nine West Matalan, New Look, Carter’s. Popular mother and baby stores include Mothercare.

The Homes R Us is one of the most popular domestic furniture brands and in the Arabian Centre; you can look at the wide variety of furniture, who knows perhaps you end up buying even something bigger. IT, electronics and gadget stores include Sharaf, which is one of the biggest telecommunications brands in the Middle East.

So, visit this great shopping mall, called the Arabian Center Shopping Mall. It is almost sure, that you will find a lot of worthy things, which you would happily bring back home. Moreover, if by any chance you are in possession of a Star Alliance card too, then, with the help of Arabian Center Shopping Mall, you might soon have a great chance to earn miles for your next trip to Dubai!

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