Bargain Shopping at Naif Souk

Souk is an Arabic word used for a market where you can get and exchange all kinds of goods. Dubai is one of those cities in the world that contains a wide range of authentic, excellent and competitive tax-free souks where you can find almost anything. Naif souk is a traditional Arabian style building where you can find everything ranging from cheap clothes to children’s toys easily.

The Dubai Naif Souk is located at the Deira district. This place is among Dubai’s oldest marketplaces. This area used to be the place of camel sellers before and evolved into a fully-fledged marketplace now. Naif Souk is the preferred shopping spot for not only the tourists but locals as well. You can find stalls and shops here that sell bags of various designs and toys along with replica of certain famous designer wear. Visitors also get the chance of buying certain souvenirs, textile and leather goods as gifts for their loved ones. The new Naif Souk is WIFI enabled and consists of several restaurants as well.

Naif Souk comprises of a two-floored building, where there are 111 stores at the ground floor and 107 stores located at the first floor. The souk also accommodates a few municipality offices along with an underground car park for the visitors. There are four entrances in Naif Souk altogether along with certain elevators and lifts for the elderly and visitors with excessive shopping stuff.

Naif Souk was famous as Souk Sanadiq in its older form as it consists of several box-like shops. But due to an electronic fault, most of the stores at Naif Souk burned down within a few hours. Fortunately, no casualties followed the event but several shop owners lost most of their goods due to it. However, the shop owners were ensured to get their places back as soon as the renovation would be completed. The rebuilding process of the new souk completed in the middle of 2010 and visitors got the chance of shopping again in this modernized souk, which is centrally air-conditioned. It was open for the tourists in the start of the Holy month of Ramadan when the shop owners were also quite hopeful of giving a fresh start to their business. Its modernized look has also captivated the attention of more tourists to the souk than never before.

Today, the rebuilt Naif Souk has much more to offer to the tourists than ever before. The municipality has also taken proper safety measures to ensure that there are no fire hazards in the future of the souk. The new souk consists of emergency exits and fire safety equipment that was not a part of the old souk. Overall, while visiting Deira if you do not check out Naif Souk then you would definitely miss a great opportunity of experiencing the amazing souk that is a part of Dubai’s magnificent shopping experience. Getting in to the souk is also quite easy as you can take a metro that is located very close to the souk.

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