Beautiful Gold Bracelets by Damas

Damas jewellery in Dubai is one of the famous jewelries in Dubai. Damas was founded in Syria in the year 1907. The headquarters of Damas Jewellery is in Dubai. Damas Jewellery had won Best Strategic Fashion Award and Lifetime Achievement Award in UAE. Damas provides jewellery pieces for every level of the society and at affordable prices. Damas sells watches and jewellery pieces in four different types of stores to target specific customers for each type of store. You can find these stores easily as the stores are located in Dubai Gold Souk and different shopping malls in Dubai.

The first category stores offer 19k and 22k jewelry pieces which are fashionable and chic that is highly affordable for people who would like to have ornaments at lower prices. You can find affordable products such as Mantourah, Jawaher, and Hayati collections in another category of Damas stores. Semi-exclusive stores are included in the third category in which you can purchase products of higher price than the 19k and 22k Damas stores. At least one semi-exclusive store can be found in every mall in Dubai. Les exclusive Damas stores consist of expensive watches and jewellery for high class customers who can spend more money. Les exclusive store offers exclusive pieces of Damas and other international brands like Annamaria, Tiffany, Roberto Coin, Camilli, and so on.

Damas is popular not only for its different levels of stores, but also for the different variety of jewellery type in each kind of store. You can find Damas bracelets made of diamond, pearl, gemstones and gold. Damas bracelets are made by the artist with great dedication and imagination. OneSix Eight is an international diamond brand famous for the unique arrangement of diamonds. You can purchase Damas bracelets offered by this brand at Damas stores.

Damas sells traditional bracelets made by a famous brand, Harmony. The Harmony bracelets are made of gold with tear shape hangings. Kiku is a brand that provides traditional bracelets made of fresh water pearls. Some of the Damas bracelets consist of hanging pearls that enhances the beauty of the bracelets. Some Damas bracelets are handcrafted making the bracelets innovative and alluring to the customers. You can find unique bracelet collection of Marco Bicego, an Italian brand in Damas stores. The Marco Bicego bracelets are made of gold embellished with hand cut stones. Fope is an Italian brand that makes bracelets from flexible materials. Fope bracelets are embellished with diamonds of different colors such as transparent, pink and yellow.

You can find fashionable collections of Damas bracelets in their online catalogue. Because of the variety in Damas bracelets, it can cater the needs of every customer. You can find highly fashionable Damas bracelets in various Damas stores. You can find bracelets of local brands to international brands in Damas stores. Damas has more than 290 stores spread in twelve countries. The Damas stores are mainly distributed in Gulf region. Purchase bracelet of your favorite brand from any of the Damas stores in Dubai.

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