Blue Nile Diamond Necklaces

Blue Nile is one of the best quality websites originated from Ireland. This store sells all sorts of diamonds, diamond jewellery online for everyone in the world. Even several Dubai jewellers order the loose diamonds from Blue Nile, which has great guarantees for each one of their products. The company has been therefore among the most successful jewellery sellers in the world and now that they also ship to Dubai in UAE, we can get to see a growing number of potential customers, even in the “Capital of Jewellery”. In our article, we would like to introduce you to this very special brand, its collections and its methods.

Blue Nile is a very special brand that has entered the online diamond market right on time, to stay extremely competitive to this day. The brand offers great quality loose diamonds. Blue Nile takes a great pride in being able to provide its customers with the best quality diamonds such as Canadian Diamonds, Blue Nile Signature Diamonds and Fancy Color Diamonds. Blue Nile has recently introduced its own method of generating even more interest when it founded its “Build your own” concept, the help of which, you can freely create great rings bracelets and pendants that make up outstanding diamond necklace creations. Which can also set a great example for Dubai Jewellers; Blue Nile takes the concept of “Blood Diamonds” and not selling any of them the most seriously.

Blue Nile works in a concept that makes also jewellery brands contact and buy loose stones from the site. Being cheap, yet great quality jewellery the brand could create fruitful relationships with brands, which look for greatly priced and labelled loose stones and loose diamonds as well. The brand has great relationships with other jewellery suppliers coming even from Dubai, the City of Gold. Unfortunately, Blue Nile’s main concept does not yet let the store to create retails anywhere in the world and it would make the actual prices of jewellery much more expensive.

Next to their diamond necklaces, Blue Nile also offers a great variety of diamond pendants together with their offered service to prepare your own diamond pendant. Blue Nile works with 18K gold and white gold, silver and platinum. They primarily deal with diamonds and coloured gemstones and pearl. The brand currently features the below mentioned collection: Eternity, Hearts, Crosses, Solitaire, 3-stone.

These diamond necklace collections are all made out of platinum or white gold and contain a wide selection of top quality pavé, micropavé and Bezel cut diamonds. Each collection is beautiful on its very own accounts, planned for different occasions. Blue Nile prefers to use pure white diamonds in its diamond jewellery collection.

The solitaire pendant collection of Blue Nile is also a must- see, featuring outstanding diamond necklaces made with high quality solitaire diamonds! This collection comes in white gold, platinum and 18K yellow gold, making up one of the most famous diamond necklace collection of the brand. Apart from necklaces, the real business of Blue Nile is the rings, primarily the engagement and wedding rings; these make up the majority of their income as well. Apart from this, they deal with high profile birth stone jewellery.

If you want to check out Blue Nile’s diamond necklace collections in Dubai, you need to visit the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, where you can find multiple jewellers that work also with Blue Nile among many other local jewellers.

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