Buy Gold Jewellery at Dubai Gold Souk

Gold Souk in Dubai is arguably the capital place of gold jewellery. The great Gold Souk is the biggest in the world, together with the Gold Bazaar of Istanbul in Turkey, which is the only other Gold souk, which is like the Gold Souk of Dubai. Standing in the former central district of the capital city of Dubai emirate, the Gold Souk has been the hub of all jewellery trading. If you want to buy jewellery or only see a very-very unique place, a city within the city, then you should not miss visiting the Gold Souk, which is indeed among the most popular tourist attractions of Dubai.

The gold jewellery centre of Dubai is the Gold Souk. There is no prominent or small jewellery business, which did not open their first store within the Gold Souk, and even though the online jewellery business is getting strong, the importance of the Gold Souk is only growing. The large souk gives home to more than three hundred thirty jewellery stores right next to each other; its own gold jewellery shopping centre is called the Gold Centre, the hub of wholesale diamond and gold jewellery. Besides gold jewellery you can find some of the most beautiful silver, diamond and platinum collections here and due to the great trend, you can get to see gold jewellery made with usage of gold alloys representing different exotic colours of gold such as the rose, the red and nowadays also the purple the blue or the black gold jewellery. The great deal in visiting the Gold Souk is that surely you have never seen a place so full of gold before. Some of the jewellers that are world famous of their high quality gold jewellery here are the Himat, Damas, Mahallati, Taiba, Joyalukkas and Prima Gold Jewellers. Besides this, you can also find branches of Al Futtaim, Kaloti that also deals with wholesale activities and sells gold coins and gold bricks as well and these were only some examples on such jewellers whose store you will see in the shiniest, most exclusive shopping malls of Dubai too. Taiba Jewellery is a must see and together with Taiba, you ought to visit the Kanz Jewellery also famous for its gold collections and of the fact that it was the buyer of Taiba’s Great Ring, which is the largest gold ring to date, also featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The sight of the Gold Souk itself is unbelievable. In addition, it is quite easy to get here. As the Gold Souk is the central program in most Dubai sightseeing tours you can freely enrol in one, but if you want to go there on your own its also highly possible, the Gold Souk is the final stop of several bus lines and also two metro stations are close to it. From Bur Dubai the best is to go to the souk by the water taxi, which is great, especially in the early summer mornings.

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