Chanel Bags in Dubai

Chanel is arguably the most famous fashion brand of all times. Chanel has its hands on every segment of the fashion and beauty industry, from haute couture to prêt-a-porter garments, to top quality accessories, jewellery, their line of cosmetics, perfume collections and even interior design items make Chanel the current largest fashion empire of the world. Chanel’s current popularity can be thanked to its creative director Karl Lagerfeld who had a huge effect in making the brand to stay always contemporary yet vintage, always fresh yet classic and elegant and making it to become one of the top popular brands within the United States as well. Let’s see where can we find Chanel handbags in Dubai:

Chanel sells tons of beautiful products, its fashion shows are one of the most outstanding and their garments keep the heritage of the world famous founder Coco Chanel meanwhile filling them with the freshness of modern times as well. Chanel handbags are long considered to be among the most liked and their trademark quilted pattern have become the desire of thousands of women all around the world. The quilted Chanel handbags have become one of the most copied forms on the illegal market of fakes as well.

Chanel has always preferred to vary black and white and their collections are still built on these two colours, their variations and on the materials these are represented. The world famous Coco suit is also a black and white suit and although since its first release in the beginning of the 20th century it has come out in hundreds of different variations its basic shading and form has always remained the very same. This is absolutely true to the Chanel handbags as well. They have stayed how they were before: of great quality and in form which is very easily recognisable. Chanel forms were always classy yet trendy in the very same time. According to many, owning Chanel garments means the top of style. Apart from the Chanel handbags the brand has an extremely rich collection of leather and non leather accessories. Their belts, shoes, sunglasses are some of the most famous on the fashion market and the Chanel Joallerie collections are made out of some of the most precious and highest quality diamonds on the market.

There are currently four main collections of Chanel Handbags:
– Outstanding Pieces
– Bags
– Small leather goods
– Mademoiselle

All these collections represent a different approach to the trendy and classic style of Chanel. Next to their classic quilted and chained handbags they have come out with bigger items too and Chanel totes are extremely popular too. The small leather goods collection includes the mini-handbags for special occasions and the Mademoiselle collection features especially nice yet a little bit girlie items with some beautiful colour variations.

In Dubai you can find Chanel in the Dubai Mall, where their flagship store is also located, in the Mall of the Emirates where they are also represented in the Harvey Nichols. Their other store is located in the BurJuman Shopping Mall within the Saks Fifth Avenue as well where their beautiful Chanel bag collections are also featured.

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