Chemmanur at Dubai Gold Souk

While India is among the biggest jewellery and gold exporters in the world, a high number of Indian jewellers have decided to move on to a potentially even bigger market with the establishing of their business in Dubai. Chemmanur Jewellery is one of these renowned jewelleries, still based in the Dubai Gold Souk, with a great offer of collections, which we would like to represent you in our article.

When it comes to Dubai, its rather the sight of high skyscrapers which comes to our mind at first. Yet, the city is much more than the “Manhattan of the Middle East”. Dubai has established itself as a growing trading force on the international jewellery and gemstone market. It’s Dubai Gold Souk is a worldwide unique centre for jewellery trading on all levels and its offer of jewellery brands is among the biggest in the world, preceded only by the offer of the biggest Indian cities which gives to basically all jewellery brands in Dubai. The Gold Souk gives home to one of India’s finest jewellers, Chemmanur Jewellery. The Indian brand has long been steady on the huge Indian jewellery market, offering gold, diamond and platinum jewellery collections, which include a great variety of exclusive watches.

Chemmanur Jewellery follows the traditions of Indian jewellery making, which are in fact the oldest in the world, dating back 5000 years in time. It was the time, when people in the area of India have started to craft their own jewels and the very first goldmine has also opened its doors first in India making the country the biggest exporter of this precious metal for centuries. Chemmanur was set up more than 150 years ago in Kerala,one of the Southern regions of India where traditions are still being kept alive. Its age makes it one of the oldest jewellery brands also in India. In order to preserve the Indian traditions of jewellery making Chemmanur deals with outstanding Indian jewellery and wedding jewellery which includes some of the biggest ever necklaces that have ever been made in the world by a civilization.

India’s love of gold is well known, and the art of jewellery making really makes Indian gold jewellery to look beautiful and so special. Apart from gold, the Indian brand also offers a great array of platinum collections, in forms of bangles, chains, necklaces, pendants and rings. The brand also has its attention on offering gemstones as birthstones for each month, such as ruby, topaz, emerald and other precious and semi-precious stones, which are said to have special homeopathic effect on those that were born in the time-range of someone’s birthdate.

Apart from jewellery, Chemmanur also offers its customers the chance to invest in gold in for of gold bars and in diamond, in form of loose diamonds. Apart from its presence in the Dubai Gold Souk, Chemmanur has its showrooms set up in Karama and in the Global Village as well. Don’t miss visit Chemmanur while you are in Dubai, if you are interested in seeing and buying beautiful Indian jewellery.

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