Choosing The Ideal Breast Implants in Dubai

Dubai is becoming more and more famous for its quality aesthetic and cosmetic surgery amenities. As breast augmentation and breast reconstructions are among the most wanted treatments, thousands come to Dubai yearly, in order to undergo cosmetic surgery. Breast surgeries are among the most common ones and the breast implants to be used are very important, together with the clinic to be a trusted one. In our article, we introduce you to some of the best aesthetic surgery clinics in Dubai.

Most aesthetic surgery clinics in Dubai deal with breast enlargement or breast reconstruction and therefore they make sure, that they use the best quality breast implants that are available on the international market as of today. It is extremely important to know what material it is exactly, that you will wear under your skin, especially when it is about an implant. Medical science therefore made sure, after many fiascos happening with the old style silicone breast implants, to come out with new generation implants that do not hurt one’s body in any ways. Let us see the list of the best and most famous aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai.

• American British Surgical and Medical Centre
• London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery
• American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital
• Dubai Surgery
• Cocoona Clinic

The new generation breast implants have replaced the old style silicone and either use saline filled or new generation silicone filled implants, which are both harmless. There are breast implants in different shapes and sizes used as per the present form of breast and according to the expected form of breast. Thanks to the new ways of operation, breast implants will not stop women from being able to breastfeed and the operation itself takes only about one and a half hour.

However, before undergoing such surgery, you must think about what you would like and have an appointment at one or more of these clinics to talk about your expectations. Clinics must also talk about the breast implants to be used as the material of such implants has drastically changed to the better, with the usage of such filling that will not affect health and they are much more secure inside. The operation of breast enlargement is nowadays a very short operation applied with the smallest wound possible. Yet, it is still a complicated operation that requests the best amenities and tools together with expertise and a skilled staff.

Although breast enlargement operations are advertised as patient already being able to work again within 5 days, the reality is somewhat harsher. If you visit a good clinic, your surgeon will also need to talk about all the post operation syndromes, which include pain, especially in the first two days. Scars fade from 2 months even up to 2 years and breasts can never be symmetrical. Doctors warn patients that if you have such surgery in Dubai, you must steer clear from doing anything but rest for a week. For travelling back, doctors suggest everyone to stay another week in order to make sure everything is fine, before travel.

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