Chopard’s Beautiful Gold Collection

Chopard is a very special gold jewellery and luxury watches brand founded in order to make watches solely, but as of today, it has also built out its perfect jewellery factory as well. Chopard is among the best watchmakers in the world, with its “1860” watch being guarded as the best watch in the world. In Dubai, Chopard’s gold collection and jewellery watches are highly famous, such as its watches for men. Chopard does not manufacture male jewellery. Dubai, as a huge fan of everything what is luxurious and special coming from Switzerland has several Chopard stores to look around.

Chopard brand was founded in 1860 but only become famous relatively later. Its founder was a watchmaker who wanted to make its first workshop and company dedicated solely for watch making. Chopard is among the very few watchmakers who manufacture every single piece of its watches in house. The jewellery range of Chopard was born about fifty years ago. Chopard is the member of the Fleurier Quality Foundation with only three other worldwide famous Swiss luxury brands, and work according to the highest standard, which is protected by the Geneva Seal. Hereby we represent you with some information on the great work of Chopard in the gold jewellery industry.

The famous 2010 special Jubilee collection of Chopard features 150 incredibly beautiful handmade jewels of 150 different species. This collection was born in order to celebrate the 150 anniversary of Chopard with the finest and most special jewellery collection ever of Chopard. They did everything in order to make jewellery on which anyone can only talk in superlatives. The main metals used for the creation of this beautiful collection were gold. All sorts of the most beautiful gemstones were used, from rubies, sapphires, emeralds, turquoise to coloured diamonds, in brown, yellow and even black colours. This special gold jewellery is a limited collection and it was made to represent the willingness of Chopard to take an active part in the saving and protecting of the environment. In order to realise this, they have signed a 3 year contract with WWF during which they will help the foundation also with the money which comes in from the profits of the items sold of this alone standing collection. The most outstanding piece of the Animal World collection is the clownfish plastron, which needed altogether 2160 different gemstones in order to be created.

Chopard does not have collections under different names but solely items, all of which are made with the highest care and they are beautiful pieces of art, overall. It is Chopard, which represents all the women start guests of Cannes with their great jewellery sets for many years now due to an agreement between them and the festival organizer of Cannes. The fine gold jewellery collection of Chopard really tells why this brand is world famous as they really do have the most beautiful and exclusive pieces of jewellery in the world. Their jewellery items are mainly haute gold jewellery for special events. Their frequent usage of all the beautiful coloured gemstones, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald or turquoise really make the most beautiful jewellery what we can see anywhere. The Chopard collection is exceptionally beautiful.

As to reflect to the gold jewellery, Chopard highly prefers the usage of white gold, as it brings out the shine of all the beautiful gemstones as diamonds even more. That is also one of the reasons why in gold jewellery the usage of white gold is trendier than ever. In its specific collections, we can also see red and rose gold jewellery. Chopard also has the most beautiful jewellery timepieces in the world. They are richly decorated with diamonds in all colours and they simply look classy and beautiful. Chopard really likes the usage of coloured diamonds and they frequently use brown, yellow and even black diamonds in their collections.

In Dubai, the land of luxury, gold jewellery by Chopard has a great market. That’s why Chopard is operating altogether 25 stores in the area of the United Arab Emirates, out of which 15 is in Dubai. In Dubai you can find Chopard in every big shopping centre and many high quality hotels, as in most of the hotels of the well known Dubai Jumeirah luxury hotel chain. The biggest Chopard boutique is located in the Dubai Mall.

Dubai is a big fan of Chopard jewellery and there are very few countries in the world, which could afford them the same as Dubai does. It is more than worth visiting one Chopard boutique while you are in Dubai, to admire its great, beautiful, artistic gold selection.

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