Clothes of Pepe Jeans in Dubai

Dubai is world famous for having all the world’s largest shopping centres and the highest number of all sorts of shops, especially fashion and jewellery stores. Pepe Jeans is among the world’s leading jeans brands so it is no wonder that it has become quickly popular among the locals of Dubai. There are currently three big Pepe Jeans’s stores in the city but its jeans are also sold in mixed–brand stores.

Pepe Jeans was born in London back in 1973 in the Portobello area, which is now one of the hippest hippie sites with flea markets and yearly festivals. However, it was a poor neighbourhood where the Indian Shah family lived. They shared a developing interest in tailoring and one day they came up with the idea to give great and indeed unique looking well-tailored jeans for the public. Jeans those times was already very trendy but everyone sported the same cuts with not much difference. So the new style of the Shah family, first called St. Tropez was becoming famous. They changed the name later to Pepe for it to be shorter, easily spelt and more memorable. Within a couple of years, London was full of Pepe Jeans stores and after 10 years, it had conquered the US market as well starting its very first shop in Beverly Hills in 1986. Pepe Jeans by that time was a huge company worth looking for. The current logo and trademark of the brand is existent since 1992. The brand had great marketing and got the best photographs, the best photo models and American actors to advertise the brand which quickly grew all over the world afterwards and of course ever since. Today there is no big town without Pepe Jeans to be sold. The tailoring of Pepe Jeans has always been great and their prices are quite competitive as well. Today they are concerned one of the most famous and popular jeans factory and retailer coming right after the U.S born Levi’s and the Italian Diesel.

Today, there are several thousands of stores globally and Pepe Jeans is coming up with new collections yearly to the happiness of all the jeans lovers. The Spanish Torreal company through the stock market has recently bought Pepe Jeans. Naturally, that has not affected the business of Pepe Jeans and the number of stores is ever increasing.

In Dubai, there are currently three big Pepe Jeans stores: the largest in the Dubai Mall, then one in the Mall of the Emirates and the newest one is in the Deira City Centre. All of them are large enough to offer a great variety of all sorts of jeans and matching tops and accessories. Dubai youngsters are great fans of the brand and although girls cannot wear jeans openly from a certain age, but the boys and the non-Muslim women represent a high demand for Pepe Jeans.

Although Pepe Jeans is not the cheapest brand in the world, yet if you want to get some great Pepe Jeans items a lot cheaper, visit the huge Dubai outlet mall in Dubai, to make some great deal and to come out wearing a sexy, best fitting jeans.

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