Diesel Clothing in Dubai

Diesel is one of the top first class jeans manufacturers in Italy. It is famous for its luxury and highly fashionable items, jeans mostly with matching clothes, shirts and blouses. Diesel is famous for its high quality advertising campaigns and for its unmistakeable flavour for enhancing the new trends in its collections. In Dubai, we can find a huge Diesel store in the Dubai Mall. So, let us see what we can find in Diesel that can catch our attention.

Diesel is not a cheap jeans company. Its items are highly cared and manufactured using several different techniques on jeans materials in order to get the best patterns and shapes. For this reason, Diesel is counted as a high profile jeans manufacturer and its items are widely bought by everyone who is into fashion and of course the jeans. Diesel offers all sorts of jeans and denims in its collections. Its latest collection is the Black Gold label, which concentrates on elegant fashion items. The biggest Diesel store ever is located in Milan, Italy.

Diesel has opened its store in Dubai a few years ago and it has great success ever since. The buyers are mainly are from the younger generations. Diesel has its main collection for men and women and it is clearly targeting those who definitely have no problems with their weight. The Diesel perfumes are also very popular. The first fragrance called Diesel “Fuel for Life” came out about four years ago and thanks to its nice fresh citric fragrance, it has soon become one of the most successful designer perfumes. Diesel items have a certain provoking style; the Diesel accessories are also very popular all over the world. When Diesel came out with its first Kids collection, it caused a nice success. Diesel is also publishing its own timewear, footwear, beachwear and sunglasses collections.

Due to the higher demand for multiple collections, Diesel today manufactures a lot more clothes than before. Jeans stays always in fashion but the higher is the variety, the most business it brings. Diesel items are sold in both its brand stores and in mixed-brand stores. Diesel today is sold in more than 5000 stores, out of which 300 are brand stores. Diesel is also famous for helping other smaller brands to be advertised and to open their first store. The brands under Diesel’s wing are Victor and Rolf and Dsquared among many others. The brand is also known to participate in several talent search programs and has invented the Diesel U Music contest as well.

Diesel is sold in multiple high profile department stores and shopping centres. You can also find Diesel in the huge Dubai Outlet Mall, which is not far from the downtown area of Dubai. Diesel has great quality clothes, which if you buy for sure will work for you for many years more. In Dubai, such store is definitely a flourishing business. Therefore, it is really a store worth visiting.

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