Discover The Best Resorts in Dubai

Hereby, we will enlist some of the best resorts in Dubai. Resorts are becoming so much more elegant then sticking with hotels, so, apart from seeing the best resorts in Dubai and around it as well, we will examine what exactly are the differences between a resort and a hotel.

Presumably, a hotel is an installation planned for guests to spend their nights in with a certain amount of comfort, depending on the grading of the hotel. The number of the stars behind a hotel’s name also states the facilities that you can find there. Mostly four and five star hotels are those, which have more than two restaurants, a bar, a café, and a swimming pool / fitness area. A resort is a five star hotel with some additional extras built in, for example tennis courts, private beach or a spa or beauty centre. As it is the spa, which is nowadays the most attractive, we can find a spa smaller or bigger at every better 5 star Dubai hotel, which they call as resort as well. In addition, most of the downtown hotels have their own business centre with meeting rooms and congress place enabling even international meetings to happen in there. Dubai is business in itself so it likes to give all the facilities for visiting businesspersons to be able to handle all their meetings and so.

Now, we enlist some of the very best resorts in Dubai, with the hope that you can stay in one of them, because each one of them offers impeccable services and some of the best facilities in town.

1. Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa
This resort is a little bit out of the downtown, but it is really worth staying in here. First of all, it lies on a huge territory, enabling you not only to swim in its swimming pools or relax in its park, but also there are tennis courts a very nice golf course and even stables where you can do horse riding. The hotel is one of the most complete and best resorts of Dubai.

2. Madinat Jumeirah
Sponsored by the very wealthy Jumeirah Hotel Group, called the Madinat Jumeirah is a resort complex featuring multiple hotels, villas, restaurants, souk-like shops, a big spa and a fitness centre. With its canals, it is really a picturesque site, a huge resort in itself and a favourite among many people. The outlook of the complex is like a huge Arabic castle complex in the middle of an Oasis. The Madinat Jumeirah is right by the Wild Wadi Water Park and next to the trademark hotel of Dubai, which is the Burj Al Arab. It is without question one of the best resorts in Dubai.

3. Jumeirah Beach Hotel
It is among the largest hotels in Dubai, featuring almost six hundred rooms and fourteen restaurants, bars, a Cafés in its territory, its own villa complex called Beit Al Bahar is right next to the hotel, and there is just every facility for you to enjoy your summertime to the best. Jumeirah Beach Hotel has its own private beach as well and it is in the ownership of Jumeirah Group, very near to the Wild Wadi Water Park and the Madinat Jumeirah comple

4. Atlantis the Palm
It is an enormous hotel on the outer ring of the Palm shaped island, called Palm Jumeirah. The Atlantis The Palm houses a great unique attraction that is the Aquaventure theme park with the underwater Lost Chambers and being right next to the Dolphin bay of the hotel. This resort is full of shops, restaurants, bars and it is among the best resorts in Dubai. In order to get to the island, use the monorail.

5. Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort
Another huge hotel with its great 14 restaurants, an extra large spa and a great children’s club called the Penguin. Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort is right by the beach, offering great suites and rooms for the guests.

You can find many more beautiful resorts all around Dubai, especially on the Jumeirah Beach. In the Dubai Marina alone, there are more than five beautiful beach resorts on the beach making it difficult to choose from them. There are bigger and even more beautiful resorts a little bit outside of Dubai, where the sea is cleaner and there are not that many people around. So, look around well, look for the all-inclusive packages, to get some great offers enabling you to stay in one of the best resorts in Dubai.

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