Discover The Latest GAP Fashion in Dubai

GAP has been the largest apparel retailer in the world, but it is still the largest in the United States. GAP has long been a brand to look for, with more than three thousand stores all around the world. For sure, everyone knows what GAP quality is all about. In Dubai, there are currently three GAP Stores, the main store being within the Dubai Mall.

GAP has long been a big favourite with the fans of casual wear; jeans and shirt are the very best at GAP. Even though their prices are not very low, as a simple T-shirt starts at 50 EUR per piece, but it is also worth buying for their high quality. If you are wise, you can wait until the sales season as in Dubai Summer Surprises event, you can see the SALES sign just in every single shop’s windows selling items at discounted prices.

Getting back to GAP, the company was found in San Francisco and ever since, it has grown into a huge enterprise. Most of its stores operate as franchise, which is a good thing, giving more people chance to get to know the fashion items of GAP. Today, GAP has great menswear and women’s collection along with BabyGAP and GAPKids especially for the children. Many might not know, but GAP is also behind the brands of Banana Republic, Old Navy and the shoe brand called Piperlime. Their newest brand called Athleta was just implemented in 2009 selling specifically sportswear is not that famous yet. The Banana Republic was meant to sell the “haute couture” over GAP issuing more stylish and trend conscious collections than GAP’s ultimate daywear.

In Dubai, people love the BabyGAP and GAPKids collections. The expats and Arabic men love the jeans, denim and shirts collections and women have plenty of chance to choose something worthy and suitable to wear for them at home or out of home even.

According to the statistics out of GAP, there are 14 stores in the whole area of the United Arab Emirates, out of which most of the stores can be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi certainly. Out of Banana Republic, you can find four stores within the UAE out of which one can be found in the Dubai Mall. The most likely other shopping malls for finding GAP and BR clothes are the Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman Shopping Centre and the Deira City Centre as fashion headquarters. However, if you have time you can browse in the Dubai Outlet Mall as well, where for sure if you find something will cost much cheaper than any GAP clothes even discounted.

So, do not hesitate to find some of the best GAP stores in Dubai, also do not forget to look into one or some of the banana republic stores, might be that you will be lucky to find some great items for a more reasonable price! Dubai Mall gives you all the stores you need in one, but be brave to explore all the other mentioned possibilities too.

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