Domino’s Pizza Dubai

Domino’s Pizza Inc. has started out of Michigan and today it is the second largest pizza franchise coming right after Pizza Hut. In Dubai, you can find Domino’s Pizza in three destinations even! So, do not miss the chance to taste one Domino’s pizza while you are in Dubai.

Domino’s Pizza was first opened in 1960 it has quickly become popular for its good quality pizza. Today Domino’s has over 9000 stores in altogether 60 countries and of course all over the United States. The large Pizza chain had been a privately owned company for 44 years, decided to enter to the stock exchange market in order to sell some of its stocks’ ownership. Today Bain Capital Inc. owns the company. Although sometimes Domino’s Pizza has been experiencing bad selling rates which was in connection with their current failure to keep up with delivering the best quality, the company strategy has changed and came out with reinvented recipes and quality, which brought them huge success and ever since Domino’s Pizza is among the most unbeatable pizza chains in the world.

You can find Domino’s Pizza in Dubai at two great destinations, all of which are busy enough in order to attract customers. One is in Al Rigga, which is very famous for its busy life and about the fact that it is full of apartments and hotels, the guests of which like to order or go to eat a pizza at them. The other is located in the similarly busy but slightly richer area of Jumeirah district of Dubai, where the orders are the more frequent making a great business for the Pizza-chain. Outside of Dubai, Domino’s has one restaurant in the nearby Sharjah (a great beach town about half an hour from Dubai) and they have two restaurants in the capital Abu Dhabi.

The Pizzas of Domino are segmented according to more details. One is the side of the pizza which at Domino’s can be 6 types starting from the Classic hand tossed, going toward Crunchy thin crust, the Italian, Double Melt, then there are the types of Ultimate Deep Dish and finishes with the crispy melt type. Domino’s pizza has four special pizzas, the Superb Cheese, the Philly Cheese Steak, the Chicken Legend and the Cheeseburger Pizza. Apart from these specialties, they are serving ten other types of pizza, out of which one will surely suit your taste. All pizza comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and they deal with 18 toppings, out of which you can also choose, which one you would like to get. In Dubai, all descriptions come in English and in Arabic under the foods. Although the Arabic orders are still the minority of course, Arabic orders also happen, especially by the younger generation who are open to experience new tastes.

As for the side menus, they are selling chicken wings and great chicken “kickers” meaning fried chicken breast. As for their bread, they have 2 types of main choice, the fresh break and the cheesy bread also they are serving Cinna Sticks (with cinnamon and a dip) and crunchy chocolate calzone which is more of a dessert choice with the sweet melted chocolate. Served drinks include all typical soft drinks.

Domino’s Pizza is surely quite popular in Dubai, especially in the American circles, who are mostly avid fans of the Domino’s. The pizza chain attracts also locals. The prices of Domino’s are strong mid category, similarly to those of Pizza Hut. The pizza chain mainly works on telephone orders and not really deals with serving pizza, although you have chance in case you would prefer to eat out, to visit a Dominos’ Pizza in Dubai.

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