Pizza Hut Dubai

Pizza Hut is the ultimate hit to all the rivals with the pizza itself. No doubt, that Pizza Hut is the most famous and biggest pizza and fast food restaurant chain in the United States and it’s the main branded pizza that has grown popular also outside of the United States. Pizza Hut fast food restaurants have become famous for their signature pan-fried American style pizzas, which serve as a great meal. No matter that, there is Pizza Hut in Dubai, which makes the best efforts in order to find the best culinary restaurants from all over the world. In Dubai, you can find several Pizza Hut restaurants everywhere, yet the take away is the most fashionable over here.

Pizza Hut is the best-known pizza and fast food restaurant brand in the world. Founded in Kansas in 1958, the first Pizza Hut restaurant was started by brothers Dan and Frank Carney. The brand was so successful that already in 1959 the first franchise of the Pizza Hut brand was born. PepsiCo acquired pizza Hut. Then later together with other Trico brands, it has become the leading fast-food restaurant brand of Yum! Brands. The Pizza Hut franchise is among the most successful business globally having become famous for their great variety of pizzas; both Italian and American style the Pizza Hut has made a great name for themselves in the fast-food restaurant industry. Today, Pizza Hut has over 5600 fast food restaurants in altogether 94 countries. In Dubai, you can find Pizza Hut in currently five locations.

Pizza Hut has earned name for itself the first time when it released its special thick pastry pizza with an extra rich topping. As for the shape and toppings, the pizzas of Pizza Hut really differ from the Italian style pizzas. The fast food restaurant chain has extended its variety of offers also with other different meals, such as spaghettis, chicken wings or several types of desserts such as their great and tasty cheesecake. Pizza Hut is not a classic fast food restaurant because it has several formats ranging from real family restaurant, to the Pizza Hut Express, which is in the exact takeaway style. In Dubai it is the Express style, which is the most famous, as people do not really eat out there, they rather prefer to order pizza on the phone. Pizza Hut has currently at least twenty different types of pizzas, including some seasonal and temporary tastes, which can only be sold for a given period. Pizza Hut’s pizza choice also depends of the region or country where they are sold. You can always choose out of two or three different size of pizza with the biggest being the family version. Pizza Hut has had some great promotions, which they often released with the starring of movie stars and other famous personalities such as Donald Trump or the F-1 pilot Damon Hill.

Pizza Hut is among the most popular fast food restaurant brand and it was among the first mayor brands, which were imported in the United Arab Emirates. The current five stores of Pizza Hut restaurants in Dubai can be found in Mirdiff City Centre, the Mall of the Emirates and in the Dubai Festival City with the two newest outlets opened in the Deira City Centre, also in the Marina Mall of the Dubai Marina.

Check out the great pizzas of Pizza Hut, while you are in Dubai. You can never know what local specialties you will find in its great fast food restaurants. Naturally, Pizza Hut and so its Dubai provider has consciousness to close out all sorts of pork meat products, so look for a healthier option when in Dubai.

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