Vapiano Dubai

Vapiano is a growing European pizza chain, which has grown extremely big recently and has opened several of its stores in Asia and in the Middle East with big success. Thanks to their unique strategies in selling and offering their pizza and other dishes, Vapiano is very successful in the Emirates as well. In Dubai, you can find Vapiano pizzas in two different locations.

Vapiano was founded in Germany not too long ago. In Germany, their success was so big that they soon opened their pizza stores all over the country even going to neighbouring countries by that time. Apart from pizza, they offer a great range of all sorts of Italian food, including salads and desserts. In Europe Vapiano also serves alcoholic beverages. By now, Vapiano has 97 restaurants all over the world opening another 10 within a short time. The centre of Vapiano can be found in Bonn, the former capital of West Germany. In the Middle East, it was Dubai where they opened their first restaurant. Now there is Vapiano also in Oman and in Saudi Arabia. Vapiano unique way of buying food has conquered lots of customers. By the time of buying, each buyer will get an electronic card, on which he or she store all the consumptions. By the end of the lunch or dinner, the customer pays with handing over the card by the registry. Each Vapiano restaurant has an “open-kitchen” which means customers can see how each food is prepared. The salad greens and the herbs are grown on-site within or in the garden of the restaurant, which is a great idea also. Vapiano serves everything freshly made, which adds to their success. Vapiano interestingly does not concentrate that much on pizza as their American rivals. The biggest specialty of the restaurant is their focus on all sorts of Italian penne or pasta, which they make on a very professional level. No matter its fusilli, tagliatelle or pappardelle, you will get it at Vapiano. You can also get to know some of the best Italian sweets at Vapiano, by tasting one of their tiramisu or panna cotta.

Vapiano is working in a franchise system all over the world. The first Asian and Middle Eastern Vapiano has caused a great success, thanks to their innovative methods and for their made-on-order pizzas. The restaurants can be called somewhere between fast food and casual restaurants. All Vapiano represent a fresh and modern Italian style décor in all their restaurants. In Dubai, you can find two Vapiano, one being in the Dubai Media City and the other is located in the Dubai Mall. There is no information on Vapiano delivering pizza as the main important with their method is for the customer to be there in their restaurant. In their restaurant in the Dubai Mall, daily thousands of people eat out.

Although in Dubai, the first destination where you can find a Vapiano is not that much in the city, but their other restaurant in the Dubai Mall is easily detectable and you can choose from the great and tasty specialties of Vapiano on offer.

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