Papa John’s Pizza Dubai

Papa John’s Pizza is currently the third most prominent fast food restaurant chain in the United States. Papa John’s Pizza started out from Kentucky and today has almost three thousand restaurants in the territory of the US and has five hundred restaurants outside of the United States. In Dubai too, there are Papa John’s Pizza fast food restaurants that are quite popular among locals, expats and tourists. Call Papa John’s Pizza in Dubai when you need a great and unique pizza.

Papa John’s Pizza started in 1980 as just an idea of establishing a local pizza restaurant with delivery service. The ideas soon followed together with the customers and thanks to the good marketing and quality, the number of the brands stores has slowly started to increase. With the additions of thin crust, pan pizza and whole-wheat crust pizzas and with the ten different types of stores, the fan-base of Papa John’s Pizza has become huge. The brand has later introduced several types of desserts, such as apple pie and introduced the Italian style bread sticks, which are commonly eaten in restaurants there while waiting for the meal. Papa John’s Pizza has also several popular competitions, for example, its new pizza competition where the winner gets chance to have his special pizza served in all the restaurants of Papa John’s for a whole year.

Papa John’s Pizza is extremely famous in the US for its great quality pizza and for its active presence in all sorts of important sport events such as the NFL cup. The fast food restaurant deals with pizza mainly and its activity is pioneering in many ways. First, it was the first fast food restaurant, which made pizza available to be ordered through the internet. In addition, Papa John’s Pizza was the first company, which made pepperoncini peppers and garlic butter dipping sauce available in their fast food restaurants. The fast food restaurant operates in franchise system and normally asks for a 5% commission from the contracting stores from the monthly income.

In Dubai, pizza is quite famous. This great food is international, with so many sorts of variations that make them largely popular and maybe the most commonly eaten fast-food meal in the world. There are various pizza restaurants and pizza fast-food restaurants in Dubai. The most common is though the pizza delivery system. In Dubai, even those fast-food chains opt for delivery, which would not do it anywhere else in the world. It is due to the large size of the city as well as the local customs. Papa John’s Pizza fast food restaurant is also concentrating on mainly delivery, both in the US as much as in Dubai. There are currently three destinations where you can find Papa John’s Pizza in Dubai. They are in the Mall of the Emirates in New Dubai, in the Mirdiff City Centre and in the Dubai Festival City, which is closer to Deira.

Papa John’s Pizza fast food restaurants are quite frequented so when you are hungry for a pizza, do not forget to visit or to call and order one great pizza of this great fast food restaurant brand. Dubai is among the best places in the world for a culinary expedition. Thanks to the great success Papa John’s Pizza can soon be expected at more destinations in Dubai.

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