Dsquared Stores in Dubai

Dsquared is one of the youngest hippest brands that have become cool in the last few years. Of course, Dubai keeps up with the always-changing fashion life and has indeed its own Dsquared store in the biggest shopping centre in the world the huge Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall is so huge that it is indeed unbelievable. It not only houses the highest number of all sorts of stores but also has several entertainment parks inside, including a beautiful underwater zoo, one of its kinds, a Sega Universe for the bigger kids and a Wonderland for the smaller children. Dubai Mall takes care of everyone’s fun and total activity. The enormous shopping mall has its own catering area as well, where you can find all the bars. Just facing the Dubai Mall, you will just catch glimpse of the highest tower building in the world, the Burj Khalifa together with the largest fountain system in the world, which makes it indeed really worth staying in the Dubai Mall until the evening comes, as its light and sound performance is amazing!

Talking about Dsquared, it is made by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten formerly Catenacci second generation Italians who have grown up in Canada. The Caten brothers have even worked for Versace spending years in Italy where they have learned it all about fashion and got in contact with Diesel, one of the best jeans and young fashion brands in the world. It was later Diesel who helped the most for their own brand DSQUARE to be born. Interestingly, the DSQUARE brand has been making men’s fashion items solely from 1991 to 2003 and only then they came out with their very first women’s collection in Milan. For these reasons, Dsquared is considered more of an Italian brand than Canadian brand. The Caten brothers stayed and work in Milan ever since.

The very first Dsquared group has been done due to the partnership of the brand with the Chalhoub Group, which is a huge Syrian Group known to distribute international brands to the Arabic market. The store of Dsquared is located along the Fashion Avenue with one entrance from the Mall’s foyer and the other opening from the right side. The shop has it all ranging from women and men’s fashion items, accessories, shoes, the eyewear collection and of course, their brand new fragrances called He Wood and She Wood.

Dsquared is fresh in style, aiming the younger, the modern city generation who would like to add an edge to their wardrobes next to staying in shape and elegant even if sporty. Dsquared follows the footsteps of Diesel who funded the brand to enable them to open their first shop. Dsquared is also famous for their jeans collection and men’s collections, particularly the shirts, accessories and male eyewear.

So, if you are still in the young generation, or if you would like to cause a great surprise to your siblings or husband, then do not hesitate to visit the Dsquared store in the Dubai Mall. Thanks to its success, it is almost sure that soon another Dsquared boutique will also open either in the BurJuman Shopping Mall or in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

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