Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain system is a good example of the finest style of Arabic entertainment. Dubai people, like all Arabic people, too have big love towards all types of fountains. Fountains have always played an important part of any Arabic garden. It would not be Dubai if it would not have tried to build the largest fountain-system ever, the Dubai Fountain, of course with success.

Dubai Fountain is one of the most notable attractions of Dubai, within the modern downtown area where one can visit the Emirates Towers, see the World Trade Center or go for a walk to get to the Dubai Creek, or by any chance to the Jumeirah Beach. Luckily, everything is quite close when you are in the downtown. In addition, Dubai Fountain being huge and beautiful by night, you will not miss it if you go to visit it in the evening. Hundreds of locals as well as tourists go to see the beauty of Dubai Fountain from time to time.

Dubai Fountain is located next to Burj Khalifa, former Burj Dubai, which is currently, the highest building ever built in the whole world. Dubai Fountain occupies an extra long 275 m area. The Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain together form an incredibly beautiful site. One day Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountains and the Dubai Mall will together form the centre of the future Dubai Downtown complex. It is another breathtaking, futuristic and unimaginable project of Nakheel properties famous for their artistic architectural visions already. Today, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain and the huge Dubai Mall together form one complex, called Burj Dubai as a town district in itself.

Dubai Fountain is designed by the famous Californian Company that planned by far the most wonderful fountain of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the fountain of which had been the largest of such network until the moment when the operation of Dubai Fountain has started. This wonderful fountain is an attraction in itself too, having musical light performances every evening; you will also feel to spend hours there watching this fountain.

In order to give the best effects to the audience, 6600 lights and other 5 colour projectors back Dubai Fountain. The water of Dubai Fountain can reach up to 150 meters! Many special jet engines that operates the fountain helps the water of the fountains seem to dance from time to time! The fountain’s shows are very beautiful, sometimes simply amazing with the thousands of dancing lights and great quality stereo music, it is something not to miss!

The most beautiful music for the performances includes several national and international songs, in English, Arabic, Spanish or Italian. Arabic and African music is frequently played and one famous song “Baba Yetu” is in Swahili. There is also a song dedicated to his highness the Sheikh of Dubai.

Being one complex, the inauguration of the Dubai Fountains had been held together with the inauguration of the Dubai Mall in the year of 2009. Whenever you are in Dubai, make sure not to miss the Dubai Fountain that is the largest and most wonderful fountain-system in the whole world.

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