Dubai International Jewellery Week

Dubai is all about shopping and having fun, so the importance of jewellery and gemstones as symbols of richness is still very high. Dubai International Jewellery Week is all about the glitter, shine, and luxury. Dubai International Jewellery Week features the best quality golden wares, from all around the world.

Dubai, often called the Pearl of Gulf with all the best reasons had been for long the main provider of pearls to all parts of the world. The great quality and quantity of Dubai pearls has helped Dubai to develop into a flourishing merchandising state. Although the pearls are not there anymore in the sea, but Dubai has succeeded in finding the “Black Gold” of the Middle East the oil that has helped the state into getting richer and richer, establishing a wellbeing society in its area. You can see the high importance of jewellery in Dubai if you visit the huge Al Mas Tower, which is the base of the gold, jewel and gem business in Dubai.

Attending Dubai International Jewellery Week might give gold and gem lovers an everlasting memory. In addition, Dubai International Jewellery week is a great idea, in order to improve the jewellery business of Dubai, which ever since losing the pearl-business is longing to bring back its importance to the areas of gold and silver ware making and jewellery making. You can be sure that you will see the best, the most superb and most exclusive jewels and other golden wares over here, ranging from all types of gold, platinum to white gold.

The Dubai International Jewellery week has also become the meeting place of the highest selling jewellery stores and all those professionals who are making top quality jewellery. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone in this business to enlarge its clientele and to get some top customers and selling partners as well.

Of course, we should not forget about all the gem loving rich women of Dubai who are more than eager to look around over here, in order to buy or order the nicest pieces for themselves. The Dubai International Jewellery week gives opportunity for everyone in the jewellery business to have an exhibition stand. The Dubai World Trade Centre in the downtown of Dubai, near Sheikh Zayed Road organizes this event. Interesting to mention that not far from this place, another worthy exhibition is held, giving you chance to see the rarest pearls in the world, together with some great collection of golden and silverwares. This exhibition is held in the area of Dubai Business City, a huge complex near the Dubai World Trade Centre. Other sponsors include Dubai City of Gold and World Gold Council. If you want to attend Dubai International Jewellery Week, you must register on time as the number of attendees and visitors is getting higher every year.

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