Dubai Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the fastest growing segments of banking because it has several sorts of services that also include international operations. Everyone wants to invest and investment banking offers all the investment opportunities for clients. Let us see how investment banking grows in Dubai and which Dubai banks offer investment services.

Before talking about Dubai investment banking in detail, let us see what investment banking includes and what is investment banking? Investment is such segment of the bank that specialises in the outworking and realising of all forms of investment possibilities both for individuals and for businesses. There are three sorts of banks: the retail banks, the commercial banks and the investment banks. There are some important differences between these sorts of banking methods, for example, investment banks do not need deposits. The investment banks work separately in the US but in Europe and Dubai, they are considered as part of general banking operations. Investment banking does lots of different sorts of operations for example it deals with the trading of derivatives, fix income instruments, foreign exchange is also part of investment banking such as commodity investments and equities’ security or risk management. The two main lines of investment banking include the trading the promotion of securities as the “selling side”.

There are the most operations in the selling sector of course, just like the pension funds, mutual and hedge funds. The other segment is the group of investors, including those who invest and make the “buying” side of the process. In addition, investments can be divided to institutions with private and public function. Private segment deal with heavily confidential operations and do all their best to protect themselves against the public sector that deals with information that can be seen by anyone. Investment banking has three main areas: the front, the middle and the back office operations. Investment banks provide individuals and businesses with all sorts of insider information on when, where and how to invest. There is also a choice for the client to choose one typical approach to the investment according to the bank investment advisor and investor can make a contract with the bank so that the bank deals with the investments and deals with all the things there must be done for a good investment. In this case, individuals and businesses will get an appointed bank professional that is to deal with the investment procedure.

The most important transaction areas for investment banking include global transaction banking, investment management and merchant banking that share not loans but sharing of the ownership in particular companies. Investment banking can give you great possibilities in Dubai too. You can decide in what you are to invest and how much money you have for investing. There are investment structures which many banks sport and show through an advisor. These structured plans include diagrams on how much you want to invest on the stock market, how much would you like to invest in any other business and also on how much you want the bank to deal with your money operationally. Many clients choose the bank to invest their money with a good promise of a monthly interest. In Dubai, the following banks offer you the best investment possibilities: RAK Bank, HDFC Bank, Mashreq Bank or Noor Islamic bank.

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