Dubai Textile Souk

The Dubai Textile Souk is one great authentic place that you can visit, to see where local people buy their clothes, which include daily wear and the picturesquely colourful kaftans for celebrations or special occasions. Textile souk is a must-visit for everyone who would like to get closer to the old culture of Dubai.

Dressing has always played a very important role in the Arabic world. People in the Arabic countries do dress well, even if they are not wealthy. Dubai is famous for its wealth, so it must to display the most beautiful textiles and materials, for men’s, women’s and of course for children’s clothing. During several special events in which women take part, it is necessary for them to look good. That is when they visit the Textile souk to buy some great textiles on display. On an average, there are at least three to four weddings every summer where a family takes part due to the big families. Along with this, there are the circumcision celebrations, the celebrations related to welcoming new babies in the family and we could go on. People of Dubai like to celebrate and there is always a reason for some celebration. Here, clothes are mostly tailor-made. However, you can also find them in the Dubai Textile Souk. One celebration caftan usually is made out of 3 to 4 types of materials. They need lots of work to look impeccable and the most fitting. During your walk in the textile souk, you can see some unbelievably beautiful textiles, specifically for women’s kaftans and wedding dresses.

The Muslim style of dressing up needs more textile or materials to be used. This is because people here wear traditional long dresses, irrespective of men and women. When it comes to celebration, merchants make a good business by selling several metres of different materials. Textile souk at other Arabic cities works as a segment or part of the big souk, but here in Dubai, it is a separate attraction. Textile souk is highly popular place to visit in Deira, the old-city centre of Dubai.

Deira was once the main part of Dubai, today the emphasis is on tourism. The main attractions of Deira include the souks and the beautiful Arabic vessels, the dhows. So, why do you not combine the two? A dhow cruise is one of the most fantastic experiences to try while you are in Dubai. Most souks, with the exception of the cookery parts, are best to visit in the late afternoon hours. You can take a water taxi or dhow to take you to Deira Old Souk Marine Station, from where it is very easy to find every souk.

The Dubai textile souk is a dream come true for fashionable people. Fabrics of different textures, colors and designs grace the narrow streets of the souk. The souk is so large you can find dress materials of every description displayed in the shop windows. This textile souk is the hub for the Middle Eastern fabrics and people from all around the world make it a point to visit this place when they come to Dubai. The Dubai textile souk is located in Bur Dubai which is the more happening and buzzing quarters of the city. The quaint architecture coupled with the ensuing haggling between the traders and buyers takes you back in time.

The textile souk has been renovated but it has retained its old fashioned buildings with wooden shutters and small shops. The wooden gates give you a glimpse of the delights that await die hard shopaholics. Luscious silks as well as georgettes, silks and lots more hang enticingly in every shop window. You can find fabrics which can be made into any type of outfit. From Indian saris to the glamorous cocktail dresses you can take your pick from the numerous stores. The more you see, the more you feel like buying. If you live in great cities and believe that you’ve seen them all; think again. The immense variety of styles and designs is overwhelming and enough to drive a trend conscious person into a tizzy.

Traditional Arab fabrics as well as other ethnic dress materials are available here. If you want to sample the dress styles of the world this is the place to be. Be it for a formal occasion to a simple affair, you can find materials to suit every need. Grand dress materials with intricate work as well as simple cotton designs catch your attention. The stores also sell local specialties which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A few shops also sell traditional Arab slippers which go splendidly with the jazzy outfits. If you are a photographer, this is just the place to be. The bright colored fabrics attractively arranged pose as quirky yet wonderful photo-ops.

There are a few stores which sell ready-made outfits of any style. If you feel that the styles don’t suit you, just buy the material of your choice. If you don’t want to wait to go back home and want to have your outfit made right away, this is the place. The souk has dress makers who can recreate trend setting designs as well as copy from dress patterns. The tailoring here is a work of art and you will not be disappointed with the results. Even better, you can get your clothes within a couple of days.

The stores in the Dubai textile souk are reasonably priced and very affordable. You can buy yards of many fabrics and still save a lot. So if you’ve been invited to a gala event in Dubai, drop in at the souk a few days before the D-day and get the best looking outfit in no time!

Next to textile souk in Dubai, you can find the perfume souk and the gold souk as well. So let yourself get lost in the labyrinth of traditional souks. You can spend a whole day over here. Moreover, if you get hungry or thirsty, then there are many buffets selling food and soft drinks for the tourists. Textile souk as the cultural part of Dubai is also nice and really worth visiting.

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