Emirates Towers Dubai

When in Dubai, we will run into such magical, monumental buildings, skyscrapers and creations, which we for sure cannot see anywhere else in the world. One of the best examples of this is the Emirates Towers complex, a dream, which has indeed come true being one of the trademark buildings of Dubai. When you see the magnificent Emirates Tower, all you can do is to wonder how they could build such a wonder.

The Emirates Towers complex consists of two towers and it is currently the second tallest complex in Dubai with its 365 meters height. We can see that the two towers do not look the same and neither do they serve the same reasons inside. Out of the Emirates Towers, Emirates Tower 2 is a worldwide known hotel, called Jumeriah Emirates Towers Hotel and is definitely one of the most splendid and luxurious hotels in the world. The Hotel has opened its doors first in 2000 and operated by the Dubai Jumeriah Hotel Group, which is also running the well-known Jumeriah Beach Hotel. Ever since there are several reconstruction and construction works both in- and outside the hotel, in order to make it even more attractive for the tourists in every way.

The Hotel of the Emirates Towers has altogether 57 floors, which makes it the second tallest hotel in the world, among the completed ones and making it the 19th tallest complex in the world. There would be not much use to talk about all the services, facilities to be found in the hotel, as there are countless facilities for one to have the best time ever. Just to mention a few of its most unique features, it has its own Boulevard inside, shopping centre, 18 restaurants, a huge open-sky pool complex and has one of the biggest Spas and Health Clubs in Dubai. As a Hotel Group, the Jumeriah Emirates Tower Hotel also offers several services of its brother Hotel, the seaside Jumeriah Beach Hotel.

Out of the Emirates Towers, Emirates Tower One is the less known of the two. The so-called twin-brother of Emirates Tower 1 serves as an internal office building, renting and selling the priciest offices in Dubai. Having an office in the Emirates Towers says a lot about a company, especially about its strong financial situation.

It is interesting to know, that according to the original plans, the developers intended to build the Emirates Towers about 50 meters taller than it is now, but following many scientific researches and their outcome, they had initially changed not only the plan, but the originally planned location of the Emirates Towers as well. Today it stands in the downtown of Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road. It has a metro station very near to it and the hotel offers numerous shuttles to many directions in order to do their best for the easiest transportation of tourists.

The Emirates Towers is definitely one of the most important complexes in Dubai. It is one trademark, which you should not miss to see. The towers are a beautiful example of what the modern architecture can produce.

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