Evisu Clothes in Dubai

Although the fashion industry has originated from various parts of Europe, but soon inculcated its charm into America and other parts of the world. The fashion shows and the exhibitions of latest collections not only provide awareness to the people, but also motivate them to incline towards designer clothes. Such inclination has inspired Dubai to provide the platform for these high fashion brands. Among many top rated European and American brands, Evisu is the brand that has projected a new look by giving the amazing collection of informal outfit. It is a Japanese brand that has its origin of brand name portrayed by the fish.

The splendid collection of Evisu Clothing designed for both men and women brings the perfect chic look in summers. Evisu mainly targets the casual wear and is known for presenting funky designs with spectacular colours. The sparkling and abstract motifs on shirts and pants are a must-have for a casual party. Although the brand is specialized in presenting the casual look, yet the fabric has the superb quality with ultra-modern designs. The clothing has brought a new twist in the field of fashion in Dubai.

Men’s collection of Evisu has the perfect variety of casual wear. The tattoo shirts are the youthful collection and come in witty colours. The polo shirts have captured the well-groomed look with softer shades of colours and have unusual designing. The hoods are the coolest item of clothing with vibrant colours and extraordinary luxury fabric that works best for every season. The designing on the t-shirts are mainly inspired with the fish that is following the company mark. The word Evisu Clothing is inspired by the Japanese tradition that has its link with the element of fish. The woven shirts for men also serve for the formal occasions. The pants with straight cuts or flare trend have the finest fabric and the jeans also come in huge variety, from long straight to dirty jeans with flare look.

Women collection of Evisu has the funk element in it. The smart and silky shirts are the perfect display of style and glamour. The round neck and V-neck shirts come in various fittings and styles. Whether it is the tripe design or the company logo on the t-shirt, each piece has depicted the perfect youthful look. The women collection normally comes in pink and purple shades while some stripe shirts also used stylish exotic colours in it. The ultimate trendy style of tee shirts by Evisu Clothing has been much appealing to the youth living in Dubai.

Dubai is a huge platform for fashion world and Evisu Clothing has done justice to the growing need of fashion industry. The brand store in Ibn Battuta Mall has the complete collection of the casual outfits with perfect deals on the peak seasons of shopping. For the complete understanding and showcasing of the latest collection, log on to its official website that also guides with the famous locations of the stores and historical origins of company.

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