Experience the Timeless Beauty of Taiba Earrings

If you like jewellery and has the chance to wear earring, it is much likely that you are into great looking, sophisticated and trendy earrings. Especially this year, when the style of earrings is rather oriental, preferring the great yellow shine of gold and the inclusion of beautiful forms in their designs. Traditional jewelleries prefer to offer the bigger part of their collections of earrings in various sorts of sets, sticking with the tradition of ladies always wearing earrings with a matching necklace. Taiba jewellery in Dubai follows this tradition and with what a success! Therefore, in our article we will introduce you to the great collection of earrings made by Taiba Jewellery.

Taiba is among Dubai’s traditional jewelleries. Awarded for its great quality of work multiple, by both local and international organizations, Taiba has really made history when they made the heaviest gold ring in the world, namely Naymat Taiba or simply referred to as “Big Ring” weighing in more than 65 kilograms. This has made the brand enlisted in the great books of Guinness Book of World Records. Ever since, Taiba is making trends with its superb collections, which is among the biggest and most colourful in Dubai.

Although the brand does not deal with any sorts of precious gemstones, their collections of jewellery are all outstanding, thanks to the extreme quality of gold and craftmanship which create their beautiful jewellery. In terms of earrings. Taiba offers you several choices of earrings. In case you are looking for alone-standing pairs you can choose out of Taiba’ 18K offers which represent wide range of designs featured in both white and yellow gold. In case you feel you are looking for something different, it’s time for you to go and browse from among the earrings featured in the collections of Taiba, which are as follows:

Full Sets: these sets feature a necklace, with a passing pair of earrings, with the addition of a bracelet and a ring as well! These collections all look exclusive meant for special occasions and even for weddings.

Pendant Sets: the pendant sets of Taiba feature a beautiful gold pendant with passing pair of earrings and a ring as an extra inclusion. Many of these sets are great to wear daytime while others are meant for special occasions. This collection is really worth checking out for their oriental-Indian style sets that look just beautiful!

Hijab Style: Featuring a more reclusive style of set which has been especially made cosy to wear under hijab (or even burqa), you can find pretty pieces of sets in here, many of which mirror the Moorish style of Arabic jewellery, which makes this collection so unique.

FancyRose Style: features alonestanding range of Full-sets and pendant sets this is a huge collection meant especially for those who like statement sort of jewellery. Featuring outstanding forms and some huge necklaces paired up with equally sized pairs of earrings the FancyRose is especially liked by Indian customers and also treated as a wedding jewellery by local.

Carina Style: This set features sets that are fine to wear during the day. With nice flower shapes, the Carina is meant for the younger generation, but it features great designs looking good on every woman who loves jewellery.

As you can see, you will have much to do, when you start browsing the vast collecton of Taiba Jewellery that indeed has the sort of jewellery and earrings, which are worth to browse through, and you can be sure to find your next best jewellery in form of either earrings or a full set to come with! Visit Taiba Jewellery’s showroom that you can find in the great Dubai Gold Souk located in the Gold Centre.

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