Famous Beauty Salons in Dubai

Unquestionably, there are hundreds of beauty salons or so to say beauty parlours in Dubai. The women here do need pampering and the heavy usage of make-up takes its toll. Therefore, setting up a beauty salon in Dubai is a good business. More and more are getting interested in visiting beauty salons, especially those, which are complex and include hair-care, manicure and pedicure.

Women in the Arabic country cannot go out the way Western women can, and the number of places where there are only women, where they can freely go, is not that many. Therefore, visiting a beauty salon is good for pampering for their body and their souls. What can be better than spending some hours chatting freely and enjoying all the beauty treatments beauty salons has on offer. So, let us see the best and most frequently visited beauty parlours in Dubai.

Sasha Beauty Salon
Located in the famous shopping complex called Wafi city, which gives enough programmes and facilities for you to spend a whole day there, this beauty salon offer a wide range of beauty treatments including full nail care, such as manicure and pedicure. Among its services, we can find multiple sorts of massage, hair care and aromatherapy. Visit this place for a great time and great treatments.

Prestige Beauty Salon and Spa
This is a complex salon and spa, which also includes a famous hairdressing salon called Franck Provost, a shop of a French hairdresser, who already made name for himself back in France, and now has four hair salons in Dubai. Here you can find the teenage cosmetic range Fabio Salsa, specifically offering treatments for young girls, who as we all know have problematic skin as they mature. Here, you can also experience a specific Italian nail care. This is a real pampering for the body and the soul.

Sirens Beauty Salon
This is a very famous and popular beauty salon doing the make-up and hairstyling of the models and presenters for Dubai’s most popular fashion magazine, namely The Arabian Woman. Here, you will find several experts, so you can leave it to them regarding the treatments you need.

Ellyssar Ladies Beauty Salon
Here, you will find all types of hair, body and nail care, including great and wife choices of facial treatments. This is one of the top beauty salons in Dubai.

Parisa Beauty Salon
This is also one of the top beauty salons of Dubai, which is frequently visited by all the rich and famous. Here you can find facial and body treatments. With the help of the Salon’s professional stylists, you can freely relax and be sure, that they will bring the very best out of you. Here you can also experience the finest manicure and pedicure services, including hair-removal services.

Dream Beauty Salon
This is one of the oldest beauty salons in town, as it has been functioning since 1988, which counts as a long time in Dubai. This salon is the favourite choice of the locals and has an extensive clientele.

You will see that just like most restaurants and bars, most beauty salons are also located and operate as part of a bigger Dubai hotel. It is rare to find international places where you can go just from the street. However, be brave, experience one of the local beauty parlours, might be that you will get a pleasant surprise.

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