Famous Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Dubai

Dubai, in the past 10 years has made a tremendous change in terms of its medical service. With the building its first healthcare complex aimed to serve medical and medical related tourism in the near future, Dubai has indeed made a statement. In our article, we will enlist some of the best quality and most popular cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai with the quick enlisting of their services.

Dubai cosmetic surgery clinics are becoming popular around the world. This is due to all the well-known plastic surgeons that practice there, some in full-time while others return to Dubai to practice there a week or every month. Several international clinics have opened in Dubai that also has their clinics in other countries. One among these is Silkor, which is among the best-known Middle Eastern Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Dubai. Silkor does not really deal with invasive treatments that require proper operation rather targets cosmetic related treatments, which include Botox and specific face and body treatments that renews the texture of the skin, like Diamond Micro Dermabrasion methods, eye treatments against dark circles, peelings, epilation and other sorts of therapies. Silkor has its own clinics in Dubai.

Bigger clinics, such as the ABSAMC (American British Surgical Medical Centre), operate in their own hospital within the area of Dubai Healthcare City. This specific Dubai clinic is among the biggest and most popular Dubai cosmetic surgery clinics and it works with several international surgeons, which are all experts in their respective fields. Other interesting thing about ABSAMC is that they are also sorts of specialized in orthopaedic treatments, especially those that can be related to the injuries of professional sportsmen. They also deal with hair loss, dentistry apart from the plastic surgery treatments they offer. ABSAMC does not deal with reconstructive surgery.

The other Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic is the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery, which operates both in London, UK and in Dubai. Led by two professionals the Viel brothers who are both plastic surgeons, the clinic has been operating for a while now with success both in the UK and in Dubai where they are located within the Dubai Healthcare City having their own clinic. The clinic offers invasive and non-invasive body and face treatments and they concentrate on the cosmetic surgery, which also makes this clinic not dealing with reconstructive surgery.

When we talk about Dubai cosmetic surgery clinics, we must mention one of the best local clinics, which is Cocoona that works in close relation with the Dubai Surgery organization that encompasses many of Dubai’s best plastic surgeons. Cocoona deals with a huge number of cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments. They also deal with reconstructive surgery, which is a big plus for the clinic. Led by Dr. Parashkar, the clinic is one of Dubai’s best and most visited one by locals.

Should you want to undergo a cosmetic surgery in Dubai, there are some of the best and known Dubai cosmetic surgery clinics, which are really worth checking out. The great thing about Dubai cosmetic surgery is that it can also be connected with a beautiful and relaxing Dubai holiday with a city that offers so many extras for its visitors, in terms of entertainment, shopping and medical service.

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