Figaro’s Pizza Dubai

Figaro’s Pizza is a well–known US chain of pizza restaurants and delivery services. Outside the US, it is only present in Dubai, Cyprus and in Canada. Figaro’s is famous for its 12 ingredient topping pizzas. In Dubai, you can find Figaro’s Pizza in three destinations.

Pizza is the world’s most famous food because it can be varied and still it is a kind of fast food, which means not much hassle neither too high costs to prepare. If a pizza restaurant had traditional pizza baking ovens, then one pizza is ready in about 5 minutes only. That means a great serving force for the customers.

Figaro’s Pizza is not really ranked anywhere so its not among the main pizza suppliers in the Unites States but it has established a nice and growing business with which it could arrange franchises in three other countries as well. Figaro’s Pizza is claiming to use 100% natural ingredients such as cheese. Its restaurant in Dubai is not exactly a fast food place but a neat restaurant, which can be found in the Jumeirah Beach Residence, right in front of the Dubai Marina, just facing The Walk with its balconies giving pairs or individuals a great view to the always-busy shopping lane.

Figaro’s also offers the change for its guest to try the pizza making and baking themselves that can be a fun activity out of which you definitely learn a lot. Not that it lasts a long time as for professionals; to make and bake a pizza lasts less than ten minutes. Figaro’s offers ten different types of original pizza. Then it offers about twenty different variations out of gluten-free pizza, which all come in medium size. It also offers Calzone versions of pizza, which means a kind of pizza bag, where you can see the pizza’s bottom actually. If we take the sizes, Figaro’s Pizza offers Large, Medium and XL pizzas and in type, there are Original, Pan-fried and thin types of pizzas. Apart of pizzas, the restaurant has a nice offer of other dishes containing lasagne, spicy chicken wings (one American favourite), breadsticks and about seven different types of Salads as well. You can find another two great Figaro’s Pizza restaurant in the Sidra Village’s Pool Cafeteria, in the Al Rigga quarter of Deira in Old Dubai.

Figaro’s also offers the option for customers to choose the ingredients for their own pizza. When you are in Dubai, and have the chance to visit one of Figaro’s then do not miss to try one of the creamy and fruity smoothies, which is a type of milkshake crossed with ice cream. The best choice is definitely the one Figaro’s Pizza, which is located in the Jumeirah Residence, offers a great walk after eating on the beachside too.

So, don’t miss the chance once you are hungry for a good pizza and a great night out while you are in Dubai, visit Figaro’s pizza restaurant in the Dubai Jumeirah Residence or at Sidra Village and you can be sure, that Figaro’s will do all their best to make your pizza-dreams come true.

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