Find Premium 18k Gold Jewellery in Dubai

18k gold jewellery is definitely the highest-used carat, when it comes to making gold jewellery. It’s not only intended to be sold for those, who are unable to pay the 22K gold jewellery but you will find much more of 18k gold jewellery than you have imagined by the end of reading our article. Dubai has grown to be the undisputed centre of gold trading in the world. With the importing of the highest quality gold from all around the world, you can buy the best quality gold in Dubai and it’s not only the quality of metal, but also the extreme quality of designs which make gold irresistible in the “City of Gold”. Let us see what to know and where to buy the best what 18k gold jewellery has to offer in Dubai.

18K gold jewellery has been sold for hundreds of years now. With the 24k gold being unsuitable to be worn as jewellery for the long haul, 22-carat gold jewellery has become the highest carat of gold, which can be sold in form of jewellery. With 22k gold being extremely expensive, jewellery makers have found the way to create an alloy, containing 18 carats of gold in quantity. With this being cheaper, but nothing than less attractive in its forms and outlook when it comes to gold, this alloy has made gold the highest sold fine metal in jewellery in the world. Yet, this has made 18k gold jewellery somewhat cheapish in the eyes of the rich, jewellery makers have finally found the new way, making this metal extremely popular also in the eyes of the wealthiest, by creating such alloys, which change the signature yellow glow of gold. This is, how white gold, has been created, which represented diamonds in a jewellery in a totally new light and these years, pink, rose, purple, blue and even black gold alloys were created to make 18k gold jewellery the coolest in the eyes of everyone who loved outstanding quality of designs in jewellery.

In Dubai, you can find all the beautiful alloys in the hundreds of high quality jewellery salons, featuring unique designs, coming from all around the world. The local Dubai high profile brands, such as Damas, were among the pioneers that first introduced the multiple colour alloys featured in extremely beautiful designs in Dubai. By today, there is no world famous brand, which doesn’t have at least one store in this luxurious city. You can see the beauty of colours in forms of bi- and tricolour rings and bracelets that represent gold in its fullest beauty to the world.

Not forgetting of those, who cannot pay the 22k gold, Dubai is also packed with quality jewellery stores that offer. 18k gold jewellery in its natural beauty in all shapes and forms and in various collections. Even Damas Jewellery has its chain of stores which is specialised in selling lower karat yet beautiful jewellery to all those, who love gold but can’t afford the most expensive collections.

Dubai is the land of jewellery, with its unique Gold Souks and with all the hundreds of jewellery stores representing the beauty of gold in hundreds of different designs you will see this beautiful metal in its fullest beauty in here. When in Dubai, don’t miss to visit the Deira Gold Souk and the Dubai Mall, featuring the biggest and most extensive collections of 18k gold jewellery.

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