Fun Filled Water Activities in Dubai

Aquaventure is a water theme park in Dubai spread in forty two acres of land with several fun filled activities. Aquaventure is located in Atlantis Hotel in Palm Islands. The park is surrounded by several palm trees. The fun filled activities in the park include Speedslides, Rapids, Water-coasters, shark-filled lagoons, and Splashers Children’s Play area. Both children and adults can enjoy their day in this water theme park. Some rides are not allowed to children with a height lower than 1.2m. You can find a restaurant and private beach in this fun filled park. The Aquaventure is opened in the year 2009.

At the center of Aquaventure Dubai, you can see a beautiful architectural structure through which water is supplied to many water slides in the park. This architectural structure is known as Ziggurat. Ziggurat pool is an attractive pool to which you land by sliding through the Ziggurat. From the Ziggurat pool you will go to the tuber underwater area where you can see the huge sharks. Special pools are there for small children also. Visit the private beach of the Aquaventure water theme park to relax. Aquaventure has several aquariums where you can see a great variety of fishes ranging from sharks to rays.

The Plunge is one of the several water-coaster rides which descend from Ziggurat. You can blast upward, turn and twist in water along with the water power-jets in the Plunge. Another excellent ride is the Surge and Rapids also provide you with adventurous rides. Rapids will take you through caverns by twisting and turning over the water for about 600m of which waves splash on the riders for about 1meter. River Rides are not so adventurous, but you can enjoy floating on water. You can find a diving centre in Aquaventure where you join for one of the diving courses.

Lost Chamber is another attraction where you can see the ruins of a lost continent. These ruins were found during excavations while constructing the Palm Island. The cultural signs from the ruins are different from that of the Arabic culture. You can also see the miniature replica of the underwater hotel, Hydropolis in the Lost Chamber. As the dream of constructing Hydropolis is not realized, the miniature is sunk in the water in memory of this plan. Dolphin Bay is a great attraction in Aquaventure where you can find several types of fishes swimming under water. You cannot find any dolphin in Dolphin Bay, as the authorities freed the dolphin because of the protests of animal activists.

Splasher’s Play area is a water play area for kid with several slides. You can find rope bridges, climbing frames, water cannons, water jets and adventurous slides for the kids. Aquaventure water theme park can also be used as a venue for various events. Aquaventure is usually open from 10am to sunset daily, but the opening hours may vary according to the time of the year. Children below 13 years are not allowed to enter Aquaventure without accompanied by an adult.

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