Gold Pendants at the Dubai Gold Souk

Gold is considered to be the most reliable and durable material regarding jewellery. Gold jewellery is used not only with women but has spread widely under the use of men and adding charm to kids’ appearance. The fascinating look created by gold is admired in women belonging to all age groups with the variety of items that includes pendants, rings, bracelets and much more. However, pendants are regarded as the classic item in jewellery used for both men and women. Gold pendants in the gold souk is also regarded as the classic collection and people from all over the world explore these imaginative pieces of gold in the huge market of souk.

One of the exciting features of the gold pendants is the reasonable price. Not only the VAT free gold factor in Dubai but also the gold souk makes a huge difference in prices as compared to anywhere else in the world. These pendants in gold souk come in various varieties starting from the pure gold to the blend of pink, rose or white pendants. Blend of diamonds and precious stones are done to ensure to provide the charming collection with grace. Gold Pendants are offered either with the chain or one can get it without the chain depending on the gold set.

Gold pendants in gold souk are usually available in 24k, 20k, 18k and 14k. These pendants are available in different range of prices as it depends on the weight, style as well as to which brand it belongs to. Small pendants are preferred by the young girls living in Dubai while the large chains and adorable big pendants are preferred among the mid age women who normally presents the elite class. There are variety of styles appear in gold pendants start from the classic shapes of heart, religious names, name of wearer to the most innovative abstract designing in impressive art.

These gold pendants carries the perfect philosophy of its brand. Each pendant presents the true harmony of the brand collection. As if Damas jewellers present the floral collection the pendants will almost carry the same floral design that could be available as a single item for sale as well. Other famous jewellers in the souk such as ARY Jewellers, Joyalukkas, Mamiya, Taiba and many more are specialized in presenting some of the unique fusion of material as well as impressive range of designs in gold pendants.

Gold Souk of Dubai also deals in customized designs. Customer are welcomed to bring their own creativity that if they have a desired design for any pendant available in other material, the skilled craftsmen of gold souk will present the perfect item made with their expertise. Pendants in gold souk is a unique shopping experience due to the variety of designs and perfect craftsmen. The streets of gold are sparkling with these pendants embellished in large chains. Explore one of the top jewellers in gold souk to get the dream piece and indulge in to the timeless experience.

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