Grand Hyatt Dubai

There are countless names of hotel chains with a reputation that goes before them. All of us know a few in the Western World and in the East, and then there are some that span the globe in their reputation. The names of these chains are familiar to all of us and there is no need to go through them all here, but suffice it to say that Hyatt is among the final group, the hotels that everyone knows simply for their excellence and their popularity. It is no big surprise to find a Hyatt hotel in Dubai, then, as this is a city that prizes quality, reputation and style all in equal measure. The big names are all here, but not all are here in such a clear sense of excellence and elegance. It is easy to get carried away with the glitz and glamor of Dubai, much harder to retain a solid identity.

The thing that most people find troublesome about Dubai is its tendency to turn the volume, color and everything else up to its highest level. In order to impress, it seems, some people feel that there is no substitute for making a lot of noise and setting off fireworks, and catching the attention of everyone for miles around. The truth is that this is no substitute for quality, and as much as it can distract from a lack of quality it can also draw the eye away from genuine class. Through many years in the hotel business, Hyatt have discovered that there is no point in sounding the trumpets and telling everyone that you are good, it is far more important to demonstrate to them how good you are.

The Grand Hyatt is a Dubai hotel that asks only to be judged on its quality. Located as it is on Sheikh Zayed Road, it is among plenty of competition for the custom of the many visitors who come to Dubai every year. It does not disappoint in terms of giving the customer what they want, and this is responsible in no small part for its consistent good reviews. Aware as they are that the city and in particular its main thoroughfare attracts visitors from all over the world, Hyatt has ensured that its staff are multi-lingual and scrupulously polite without being either obsequious or overbearing. Polite and professional without invading personal space, they realize that the customer wants excellent service above all else.

Although there is some argument from some reviewers that this is a hotel that tends more toward the business traveler than the holiday maker, such a suggestion is perhaps a little unfair. The Grand Hyatt in Dubai has a lot about it that appeals to the casual visitor every bit as much as the businessman. The rooms are furnished elegantly and unobtrusively, the bathrooms are cavernous and the bar and nightclub are both excellent without being so noisy that it infringes on the rest of the hotel. There is something here for everyone, and precious few hotels can make that claim.

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